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Title: Engineering the NYC Subway System, Author: Cecilia Pinto McCarthy
Title: Coke vs. Pepsi: The Cola Wars, Author: Kenny Abdo
Title: Mae Carol Jemison: Astronaut and Educator, Author: Iemima Ploscariu
Title: Alabama, Author: Sarah Tieck
Title: Veterans Day, Author: Brendan Flynn
Title: Iditarod Race, Author: Grace Hansen
Title: Miniature Reptiles, Author: Alex Kuskowski
Title: The Boxcar Children Graphic Novels Boxed Set: Books #1-6, Author: Shannon Eric Denton
Title: Signs of Spring, Author: Colleen Dolphin
Title: Philadelphia Eagles, Author: Kenny Abdo
Title: Spooky Schools & Libraries, Author: Elsie Olson
Title: Spooky Spots, Author: Brigitte Henry Cooper
Title: The Lion King: Simba's Pride, Author: Disney Publishing
Title: Spinosaurus, Author: Julie Murray
Title: George W. Bush, Author: BreAnn Rumsch
Title: Best Female Gymnasts of All Time, Author: Erin Nicks
Title: Nancy Clancy, Late-Breaking News!: #8, Author: Jane O'Connor
Title: Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, Author: Alessandro Ferrari
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Title: Horse Encyclopedia for Kids, Author: Ethan Pembroke
Title: Rosalind Franklin: Unlocking DNA, Author: Megan Borgert-Spaniol

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