Title: Cooking Up U.S. History: Recipes and Research to Share with Children, Author: Suzanne I. Barchers
Title: The Story of the Choctaw Indians: From the Past to the Present, Author: Joe E. Watkins
Title: The Story of the Chippewa Indians: From the Past to the Present, Author: Gregory O. Gagnon
Title: Simple Machines Made Simple, Author: Ralph E. St. Andre
Title: Fifty Fabulous Fables: Beginning Readers Theatre, Author: Suzanne I. Barchers
Title: Scary Readers Theatre, Author: Suzanne I. Barchers
Title: Soaring Through the Universe: Astronomy Through Children's Literature, Author: Joanne Letwinch
Title: Literature-Based Art & Music: Children's Books & Activities to Enrich the K-5 Curriculum, Author: Mildred Knight Laughlin
Title: Skateboarding: The Ultimate Guide, Author: Becky Beal
Title: Read and Write Sports: Readers Theatre and Writing Activities for Grades 3-8, Author: Anastasia Suen
Title: The United States of Storytelling: Folktales and True Stories from the Eastern States, Author: Dan Keding
Title: The Librarian's Complete Guide to Involving Parents Through Children's Literature: Grades K-6, Author: Anthony D. Fredericks
Title: Exploring the World of Sports: Linking Fiction to Nonfiction, Author: Phyllis J. Perry
Title: Caldecott Connections to Social Studies, Author: Shan Glandon
Title: Readers Theatre for Children: Scripts and Script Development / Edition 1, Author: Kathy Howard Latrobe
Title: Science to Go: Fact and Fiction Learning Packs, Author: Judy Sauerteig
Title: Teaching with Folk Stories of the Hmong: An Activity Book, Author: Dia Cha
Title: Library Centers: Teaching Information Literacy, Skills, and Processes, Author: Judith Anne Sykes
Title: Practical Steps to the Research Process for Elementary School, Author: Deborah B. Stanley
Title: Folktale Themes and Activities for Children, Volume 2: Trickster and Transformation Tales, Author: Anne Kraus

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