Title: The History of Jews and Judaism: Facts and Fictions, Author: Alan T. Levenson Pre-Order Now
Title: American Gangsters on Film, Author: Frankie Y. Bailey Pre-Order Now
Title: Women and Education: Global Lives in Focus, Author: Erin Kenny Pre-Order Now
Title: The History of the United States, Author: A. Glenn Crothers Pre-Order Now
Title: African American Activism and Political Engagement: An Encyclopedia of Empowerment, Author: Angela Jones Pre-Order Now
Title: The Presumption: Race and Injustice in the United States, Author: D. Marvin Jones Pre-Order Now
Title: Copycat Crime: How Media, Technology, and Digital Culture Inspire Criminal Behavior and Violence, Author: Jacqueline B. Helfgott Pre-Order Now
Title: Organized Environmental Crime: Black Markets in Gold, Wildlife, and Timber, Author: Daan van Uhm Pre-Order Now
Title: Religion in the Classroom: Exploring the Issues, Author: Jonathan M. Golden Pre-Order Now
Title: Marriage and Divorce in America: Issues, Trends, and Controversies, Author: Jaimee L. Hartenstein Pre-Order Now
Title: Campus Free Speech: A Reference Handbook, Author: Lori Cox Han Pre-Order Now
Title: Capital Punishment: A Documentary and Reference Guide, Author: David L. Hudson Jr. Pre-Order Now
Title: Historically Black Colleges and Universities: Cultivating Black Intellectualism and Economic Growth, Author: Larry J. Walker Pre-Order Now
Title: Today's Civil Rights and Liberties Issues: Democrats and Republicans, Author: Kara E. Stooksbury Pre-Order Now
Title: The Psychology of Inequity: Social Actions and Movements, Author: Yolanda E. Garcia Pre-Order Now
Title: What You Need to Know about Personality Disorders, Author: Katherine  M. Helm Pre-Order Now
Title: Advertising in America: A Reference Handbook, Author: Danielle Sarver Coombs Pre-Order Now
Title: Library Programs and Services: The Fundamentals, 9th Edition, Author: Stacey Greenwell Pre-Order Now
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