Title: Colin Powell: A Biography, Author: Richard Steins
Title: Library 101: A Handbook for the School Librarian, 2nd Edition / Edition 2, Author: Claire Gatrell Stephens
Title: Lady Gaga: A Biography, Author: Paula Johanson
Title: Diana, Princess of Wales: A Biography, Author: Martin Gitlin
Title: Bill Gates: A Biography, Author: Michael B. Becraft
Title: Tiger Woods: A Biography, 2nd Edition, Author: Lawrence J. Londino
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Title: Daily Life in Anglo-Saxon England (Daily Life Through History Series), Author: Sally Crawford
Title: Fighting Talk: Maxims on War, Peace, and Strategy, Author: Colin S. Gray
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Title: Cyber Dragon: Inside China's Information Warfare and Cyber Operations, Author: Dean Cheng
Title: George S. Patton: A Biography, Author: David A. Smith
Title: The Wu-Tang Clan and RZA: A Trip through Hip Hop's 36 Chambers, Author: Alvin Blanco
Title: Carrie Underwood: A Biography, Author: Vernell Hackett
Title: Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect / Edition 1, Author: Ian Stevenson M.D.
Title: Reference and Information Services: An Introduction, 6th Edition, Author: Melissa A. Wong
Title: Elder Tales: Stories of Wisdom and Courage from Around the World / Edition 1, Author: Dan Keding
Title: Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era, Author: Zbigniew Brzezinski
Title: Condoleezza Rice: A Biography, Author: Jacqueline Edmondson
Title: Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder: Understanding the Overly Rigid, Controlling Person, Author: Martin Kantor MD
Title: Green Day: A Musical Biography, Author: Kjersti Egerdahl
Title: A Navy Second to None: The History of U.S. Naval Training in World War I, Author: Michael D. Besch

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