Title: The United States of Storytelling: Folktales and True Stories from the Western States, Author: Dan Keding
Title: Afro-American Folk Lore: Told Round Cabin Fires on the Sea Islands of South Carolina, Author: ABC-CLIO
Title: Four Great Rivers to Cross: Cheyenne History, Culture, and Traditions, Author: Patrick Mendoza
Title: What Else Should I Read?: Guiding Kids to Good Books, Author: Matthew L. Berman
Title: Mesopotamia and the Rise of Civilization: History, Documents, and Key Questions, Author: Jane R. McIntosh
Title: Fiscal Systems, Author: ABC-CLIO
Title: The Beverly Cleary Handbook, Author: ABC-CLIO
Title: Monthly Mini-Lessons: Forty Projects for Independent Study, Grades 2-3, Author: Mary A. Lombardo
Title: Science to Go: Fact and Fiction Learning Packs, Author: Judy Sauerteig
Title: Glues Brews and Goos, Author: Diana F. Marks
Title: Melvil and Dewey [2 volumes]: (set includes teacher guide and 3 student books), Author: Pamela C. Swallow
Title: Library Centers: Teaching Information Literacy, Skills, and Processes, Author: Judith Anne Sykes
Title: Recipes for Reading: Hands-On, Literature-Based Cooking Activities, Author: Gwynne Spencer
Title: Social Studies Discoveries on the Net: An Integrated Approach, Author: Anthony D. Fredericks
Title: The Kids' Book Club: Lively Reading and Activities for Grades 1-3, Author: Desiree Webber
Title: More Books Kids Will Sit Still For: A Read-Aloud Guide, Author: Judy Freeman
Title: Character Education: A Book Guide for Teachers, Librarians, and Parents, Author: Sharron L. McElmeel
Title: Cultivating a Child's Imagination Through Gardening, Author: Rosanne Blass
Title: From Biography to History: Best Books for Children's Entertainment and Education, Author: Catherine Barr
Title: Living with Difference: Families with Dwarf Children, Author: Joan Ablon

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