Title: Illumination Rounds: from Dispatches, Author: Michael Herr
Title: A Federal Offense: from In Pharaoh's Army, Author: Tobias Wolff
Title: Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage: A Story, Author: Alice Munro
Title: The Day Fidel Died: Cuba in the Age of Raúl, Obama, and the Rolling Stones, Author: Patrick Symmes
Title: Provence in Ten Easy Lessons: From Provence A-Z: A Francophile's Essential Handbook, Author: Peter Mayle
Title: Alive, Author: Ha Jin
by Ha Jin
Title: My Purple Scented Novel: A Short Story, Author: Ian McEwan
Title: The Prophet's Hair, Author: Salman Rushdie
Title: A Birthday Lunch, Author: Martin Walker
Title: Full House, Author: Maeve Binchy
Title: The Art of Snag: A Fan's Guide to Catching Major League Baseballs, Author: Zack Hample
Title: The Vision, Author: Jonathan Lethem
Title: Lily, Author: Jane Smiley
Title: Progress: A Personal Journey in Feminism, Author: Katharine Graham
Title: Cartagena, Author: Nam Le
by Nam Le
Title: Today I'm Yours: From the Collection Don't Cry, Author: Mary Gaitskill
Title: California 1901, Author: Clifford Jackman
Title: Between Politics and Sanity: From Michelle Obama, Author: Peter Slevin
Title: An Illness Caused by Youth: from The Father of All Things, Author: Tom Bissell
Title: The Tales of the Late Ivan Petrovich Belkin, Author: Alexander Pushkin

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