Title: Mauzy's Depression Glass: A Photographic Reference and Price Guide, Author: Barbara & Jim Mauzy
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Title: Zenith Radio: The Early Years 1919-1935, Author: Harold Cones
Title: Baby Boomer Toys and Collectibles, Author: Carol Turpen
Title: Depression Era Dime Store Glass, Author: C.L. Miller
Title: Bohemian Decorated Porcelain, Author: Dr. James D. Henderson
Title: Fashion Buckles: Common to Classic, Author: Gerald McGrath
Title: Celluloid: Collectibles From the Dawn of Plastics, Author: Robert Brenner
Title: More Royal Ruby, Author: Philip Hopper
Title: Mustache Cups: Timeless Victorian Treasures, Author: Pauline C. Peck
Title: The Big Book of Matchbox Superfast Toys: 1969-2004: Volume 1: Basic Models & Variation Lists, Author: Charlie Mack
Title: Silver Hollowware for Dining Elegance, Author: Richard Osterberg
Title: Dog Antiques and Collectibles, Author: Patricia Robak
Title: Spinning Wheels & Accessories, Author: Michael B. Taylor
Title: Morgantown Glass: From Depression Glass Through the 1960s, Author: Jeffrey B. Snyder
Title: The Illustrated Buyer's Guide to Oriental Carpets, Author: J.R. Azizollahoff
Title: Mason's Vista Ironstone, Author: Steve Yasgar
Title: Valentines for the Eclectic Collector, Author: Katherine Kreider
Title: The Big Bear Book, Author: Dee Hockenberry
Title: Cast Iron Toy Cook Stoves and Ranges: from A to Z, Author: Dick & Joan Ford
Title: Chameleon Ware Art Pottery: A Collector's Guide to George Clews, Author: Hilary Calvert

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