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Title: Intermediate Reader in Modern Chinese, Author: Harriet C. Mills
Title: New Rules for a New Economy: Employment and Opportunity in Post-Industrial America, Author: Stephen A. Herzenberg
Title: Comrades at Odds: The United States and India, 1947-1964, Author: Andrew J. Rotter
Title: The Hour of Eugenics
Title: The Play of Reason: From the Modern to the Postmodern, Author: Linda Nicholson
Title: Damaged Identities, Narrative Repair, Author: Hilde Lindemann Nelson
Title: Renaissance Debates on Rhetoric, Author: Wayne A. Rebhorn
Title: The Priests of Ancient Egypt, Author: Serge Sauneron
Title: Representing the Holocaust: History, Theory, Trauma, Author: Dominick LaCapra
Title: Sicily Before History: An Archeological Survey from the Paleolithic to the Iron Age, Author: Robert Leighton
Title: Western Warfare in the Age of the Crusades, 1000-1300, Author: John France
Title: What Is It Then between Us?: Traditions of Love in American Poetry, Author: Eric Murphy Selinger
Title: Motherhood in Black and White: Race and Sex in American Liberalism, 1930-1965, Author: Ruth Feldstein
Title: Exotic Nations: Literature and Cultural Identity in the United States and Brazil, 1830-1930, Author: Renata Wasserman
Title: Daily Life of the Egyptian Gods, Author: Dimitri Meeks
Title: Performing Live: Aesthetic Alternatives for the Ends of Art, Author: Richard Shusterman
Title: Colonial Intimacies: Indian Marriage in Early New England, Author: Ann Marie Plane
Title: State Building and Late Development, Author: David Waldner
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Title: In the Circle of the Dance: Notes of an Outsider in Nepal, Author: Katharine Bjork Guneratne
Title: Enigmas: Essays on Sarah Kofman, Author: Penelope Deutscher

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