Title: Racism, Where Is Your Sting?, Author: Eric Tangumonkem
Title: Sting Suite, Author: Michael Schulkins
Title: Sting of the Scorpion, Author: Richard B. Sale
Title: The Scorpion's Sting: The Noricin Chronicles (Books 5-8), Author: Mark  Sheldon
Title: Rip (historical romance fantasy), Author: B. Sting
Title: Sting Of The Geisha, Author: M. M. Rumberg
Title: Ca: Where Is Your Sting?: My Experience with Cancer of the Colon, Author: Lillian Ngigi
Title: Messiah (Orchestral), no. 50: O death, where is thy sting?, Author: George Frideric Handel
Title: Where Is Thy Sting? LEADER GUIDE: God's Good Lessons Through Life's Bad Circumstances, Author: Michelle O'Toole
Title: The Bee Hive: The Honey the Money the Sting, Author: Ihsan A. Rajab
Title: The Divine Sting: God is Unimaginably Great, Author: Frederick Bauer
Title: Love at First Sting: Sexy Tales of Erotic Restraint, Author: Alison Tyler
Title: Lady Justice And The Sting, Author: Robert Thornhill
Title: Encyclopaedia Of Digital Media And Communication Technology (Sting Operations), Author: Dr. Arvind Kumar
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Title: The Sargas Sting, Author: Louise Vowels
Title: MELI MELI - A Sting in the Tail, Author: James Grove
Title: Death Where Is Thy Sting?: A Regency Mystery, Author: Hilary Gilman
Title: BEES STING from pain to blessing, Author: Rosilin Mache Gibson
Title: The Bee That Would Not Sting, Author: Wesley Chism
Title: Sting of Thorns (Dark and Otherworldly, #2), Author: Kristen Brand

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