Title: Longman Mathematics, Author: Julie Rumi Iwamoto
Title: Selected Poems from the Divan-e Shamsi-eTabriz / Edition 1, Author: Rumi
Title: The Mathnawi of Jalalu'ddin Rumi: Translation of Books I & II / Edition 2, Author: Rumi
by Rumi
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Title: Transnational Women's Activism: The United States, Japan, and Japanese Immigrant Communities in California, 1859-1920, Author: Rumi Yasutake
Title: Decoding the Rise of China: Taiwanese and Japanese Perspectives, Author: Tse-Kang Leng
Title: Popular Culture, Globalization and Japan / Edition 1, Author: Matthew Allen
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Title: Social Psychiatry across Cultures: Studies from North America, Asia, Europe, and Africa / Edition 1, Author: Rumi Kato Price
Title: Popular Culture and the Transformation of Japan-Korea Relations / Edition 1, Author: Rumi Sakamoto