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Title: Being Me, Author: Pete Kalu
Title: The After Wards, Author: Pete Jordi Wood
Title: Project Superpowers: Hero Killers, Author: Ryan Browne
Title: Eden West, Author: Pete Hautman
Title: Marksman, Volume 5, Author: Steve Perrin
Title: Hole in the Sky, Author: Pete Hautman
Title: The Big Crunch, Author: Pete Hautman
Title: Zombie XI, Author: Pete Kalu
Title: Tripping the Scales, Author: Pete Tarsi
Title: Marksman Annual, Author: Steve Perrin
Title: Cambridge International AS Level History of the USA 1840-1941 Coursebook, Author: Pete Browning
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Title: Openly Straight, Author: Bill Konigsberg
Title: All-in, Author: Pete Hautman
Title: What Boys Really Want, Author: Pete Hautman
Title: The Seven Torments of Amy and Craig (A Love Story), Author: Don Zolidis
Title: A Funny Old Game, Author: Pete Randall
Title: The Silent Striker, Author: Pete Kalu
Title: No Limit, Author: Pete Hautman
Title: Deadpool Classic Vol. 4, Author: Joe Kelly
Title: The Outlanders, Author: David B. Coe

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