Title: John Adams: Young Revolutionary (Childhood of Famous Americans Series), Author: Jan Adkins
Title: Young Captain Nemo, Author: Jason Henderson
Title: Neil Armstrong: Young Pilot, Author: Montrew Dunham
Title: Rosa Parks (History's All-Stars Series), Author: Kathleen Kudlinski
Title: Harry S. Truman: Thirty-Third President of the United States, Author: George E. Stanley
Title: Henderson''s Boys 3-Book Collection: Books 1-3 in the action-packed spy series, Author: Robert Muchamore
Title: Andrew Jackson: Young Patriot, Author: George E. Stanley
Title: Jackie Robinson (History's All-Stars Series), Author: Herb Dunn
Title: Amelia Earhart: Young Aviator, Author: Beatrice Gormley
Title: Milton Hershey: Young Chocolatier, Author: M. M. Eboch
Title: Spellbound Winter 2013: Giants, Author: Raechel Henderson
Title: Arthur Ashe: Young Tennis Champion, Author: Paul Mantell
Title: Diamonds and Dragons: Charles, A Dragon: Book III, Author: Gary Henderson
Title: Spellbound Spring 2014: Dwarves, Author: Raechel Henderson
Title: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis: Friend of the Arts, Author: Beatrice Gormley
Title: Barley: The Oak and the Cliff: the Untold Stories, Book One, Author: Gary L. Henderson
Title: Ben 10, Volume 1, Author: Jason Henderson
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Title: Dr. Seuss: Young Author and Artist, Author: Kathleen Kudlinski
Title: Christopher Reeve: Young Actor, Author: Kathleen Kudlinski
Title: One Shadow on the Wall, Author: Leah Henderson

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