Title: Apache Rifles
Director: William Witney
Title: S.O.S. Coast Guard [Serial]
Title: Zorro Rides Again [Serial]
Title: Sunset in the West
Title: On the Old Spanish Trail
Title: The Adventures of Captain Marvel
Title: Master of the World
Title: The Lone Ranger
Title: Lone Ranger Rides Again
Title: Trigger, Jr.
Title: A Strange Adventure
Title: Nyoka and the Lost Secrets of Hippocrates
Title: Spy Smasher
Director: William Witney
Title: Daredevils of the Red Circle [Serial]
Title: Jungle Girl [Serial]
Title: King of the Texas Rangers
Title: The Secret of the Purple Reef
Title: Dick Tracy Returns [Serial]
Title: Red Ryder and Little Beaver, Vol. 5
Title: The Gay Ranchero
Director: William Witney

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