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Title: Favourite Flavours, Artist: Quartetto Gelato
Title: Major League 2
Title: The Classical Kids Gift Box, Artist: Classical Kids
Title: A Classical Kids Christmas, Artist: Classical Kids
Title: The Classical Kids Collection, Vol. 1: Tales of Enchantment and Classical Music, Artist: Classical Kids
Title: The Undiscovered Mario Lanza: Rare Recordings and Hidden Gems, Artist: Mario Lanza
Title: Tam Cam: The Untold Story
Title: Get It on Credit [Bonus Tracks], Artist: Toronto
Title: Lead with Your Heart, Artist: The Tenors
Title: Greatest Hits, Artist: Toronto
Title: Girls Night Out [Alternate Tracks], Artist: Toronto
Title: Lookin' for Trouble, Artist: Toronto
Title: Assault & Flattery, Artist: Toronto & Holly Woods
Title: Head on, Artist: Toronto
Title: Full Well She Sang, Artist: Toronto Consort
Title: Bobby Rocks, Artist: Bobby Darin
Title: Mr. Bach Comes to Call [Teacher's Guide/ Bonus CD], Artist: Classical Kids
Title: Electronic Music, Artist: University of Toronto Electronic Music Studio
Title: Aria Fresca, Artist: Quartetto Gelato
Title: Primadonna On A Moose, Artist: Mary Lou Fallis

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