Title: Dance With the Devil, Artist: Burning Witches
Title: Thrash Anthems II, Artist: Destruction
Title: The Curse of the Antichrist: Live in Agony, Artist: Destruction
Title: Fatal Command, Artist: Panzer
Title: Die offene Handelsgesellschaft (OHG), Author: Martin Schäfer
Title: Experimental Production of Diseases: Heart and Circulation, Author: E. Betz
Title: Lilah Keeper and the Deceiver's Heir, Author: Summer V Schmier
Title: Waiting For Weston: A Mother's Story of Raising A Multidimensional Child, Author: Marilu Schmier
Title: Examens-Fragen Physiologie, Author: K. Brück
Title: Chant of Ages; Cry of Cotton. The Biography of a South Georgia Jewish Community's Beginnings, 1865-1908, Author: Louis Schmier