Title: Blade Runner
Title: Nighthawks
Title: The Hitcher
Director: Robert Harmon
Title: Blind Fury
Director: Phillip Noyce
Title: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Title: Split Second
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Title: Flesh + Blood
Director: Paul Verhoeven
Title: Surviving the Game
Title: Wanted: Dead or Alive
Title: Wedlock (1991)
Director: Lewis Teague
Title: The Blood of Heroes
Director: David Peoples
Title: Crossworlds
Director: Krishna Rao
Title: Escape from Sobibór
Director: Jack Gold
Title: Blast
Director: Albert Pyun
Title: Hobo With a Shotgun
Title: The Sonata
Title: The Letters
Director: William Riead
Title: Omega Doom
Director: Albert Pyun
Title: Blind Side
Director: Geoff Murphy
Title: Minotaur
Director: Jonathan English

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