Title: The Mary Tyler Moore Show - Season 5
Title: The Champ
Director: King Vidor
Title: Treasure Island
Director: Victor Fleming
Title: Chosen Survivors
Title: Izzy and Moe
Director: Jackie Cooper
Title: Syncopation
Title: Magnum, P.I.: Season Eight
Title: The Devil Is a Sissy
Title: Kilroy Was Here
Director: Phil Karlson
Title: Gallant Sons
Director: George B. Seitz
Title: Rockford Files: Season 1
Title: That Certain Age
Director: Edward Ludwig
Title: Maybe I'll Come Home in the Spring
Title: O'Shaughnessey's Boy
Title: Dinky
Title: Best of the 80s: Magnum, P.I.
Title: Divorce in the Family
Title: Tough Guy
Title: Rockford Files: Season 2
Title: The Rockford Files - Season One

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