Title: Murder, My Sweet
Title: The Enemy Below
Title: The Tall Target
Director: Anthony Mann
Title: Station West
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Title: Cry Danger
Title: Susan Slept Here
Title: Wonder Bar
Director: Lloyd Bacon
Title: Pitfall
Title: Christmas in July
Title: Split Second
Director: Dick Powell
Title: Flirtation Walk
Director: Frank Borzage
Title: It Happened Tomorrow Pre-Order Now
Title: The Reformer and the Redhead
Title: Shipmates Forever
Director: Frank Borzage
Title: Colleen
Director: Alfred E. Green
Title: Right Cross
Director: John Sturges
Title: College Coach
Director: William Wellman
Title: Gold Diggers of 1937
Director: Lloyd Bacon
Title: Hollywood Hotel
Director: Busby Berkeley
Title: Too Busy to Work

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