Wings of Fire (Patrick McLanahan Series #10)

Wings of Fire (Patrick McLanahan Series #10)

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Wings of Fire (Patrick McLanahan Series #10) 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Wings of Fire is a very interesting book. The McLanahans all go to the east in a mission for an oil company, but runs into trouble with the Libyan army and there leader Zuwway and his supplier of weapons Kazakov. Much happens when they get there and much will happen before they leave.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is another installment in the 'I can't put it down' file of great reads. Great job Mr. Brown.
Guest More than 1 year ago
My first introduction to Dale Brown was when I picked up a copy of 'Warrior Class' thinking that it might be a decent book. But once I finished it I was astonished at how incredibly horrible the novel was. A crazy billionaire conquering half the Balkan states so he can build a pipeline? A hippy 3rd party President? And super-advanced planes and armor that wont exist for two decades? Please! 'Wings of Fire' just ups the anty. Starting with the unbelieveable and unrealistic assassination of the Egyptian President and the near assassination of his shockingly beutiful American wife who just happened to serve in the Air Force years back. This whole plot was cooked up by the nutty Libyan King who managed to oust our old pal the Colonel Qadafi and an Egyptian Supreme Court justice. Oh, and guess whose funding this odd couple? None other than Pavel Kazakov! Back after striking a deal with Interpol and turning over all his crime buddies. Next a lone B-52 (called an AL-52) with a laser strapped onto the nose flies over Libya and shoots down a buncha SAM's and even a MiG-29, wow. Then we find out that Kevin Martindale the former President is leading a top-secret mercenary force with weapons and technology that wont exist for probably thirty years. This group called 'Night Stalker' (so original) includes Patrick McLanahan, his little bro, his wife, and his entire crew who just happend to end up taking an entire frigate captive with only 50 people. Then Jon Masters (CEO of Sky Master Inc.) merges with another company and the whole merger his negotiated by...a 9 year old little girl who just happens to be a supergenius and the worlds leading expert on lasers and quantum mechanics! Jon and his little partner 9 year old Kelsey rig up a laser with a 10000 gigawat output. Then there are the numerous time and event discrepencies that occur in the book. I wont even continue because it is becoming physically painfull for me to recount the horrors of Dale Browns novel. The book is just a downward spiral from front page to the epilogue, enough said. From 9 year old little girl supergeniusus to the crazy wife of an assassinated Egyptian President to unbelieveable military weapons Dale Browns book 'Wings of Fire' is sure to give you a headache.
harstan More than 1 year ago
He is one of America¿s most respected war heroes, known as much for his bravery as for his belief in his nation¿s strength. His career soared until a new president was elected and asked for his resignation. Now Patrick is part of a clandestine organization called The Night Stalkers, run by the former President of the United States. Different organizations or groups hire them but they will not accept a mission that could harm the United States.

The Night Stalkers are hired by the Central African Petroleum Partners to prevent Libya from attacking Egypt and their oil fields. The team has advanced weaponry systems that they have developed themselves that make them very attractive to world leaders, especially Susan Bailey Salaam, the widow of the recently assassinated president of Egypt. A former American intelligence officer Susan manages to attain Patrick¿s help in her grandiose scheme, a move that manages to destabilize the region bringing it one step closer to war.

Dale Brown is the king of techno thrillers and his latest novel WINGS OF FIRE is his best novel to date. His hero, a recurring character in his military thrillers, comes across as a patriotic and honorable man whose loyalties don¿t always allow him to make wise decision. This flaw humanizes him and endears him to the audience. The Night Stalkers are a fascinating group that comes across as real people who love America with all their hearts and are loyal to each other despite disagreements in policy.

Harriet Klausner