Tower of Change (The Keys of Fate, Book 1)

Tower of Change (The Keys of Fate, Book 1)

by Tina M. Randolph


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Tower Of Change (The Keys Of Fate, Book 1) 3.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
MRShemery on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
CoverThe forest, moss-covered key and addition of the swirly, leafy drawings combine to make this an interesting cover. It's interpretation leans more towards the series' title rather than the book's title.PlotA wizard's apprentice is overcome by curiosity while his master is away. His actions initiate a sequence of events that are potentially catastrophic. It then becomes his responsibility to clean up his own mess by tracking down and collecting all of the Keys of Fate.Main CharactersGalax - A wizard's apprentice. While reading, I noticed he appeared to be full of gifts, but had no real talent. Whether that was due to the fact he had not been trained in his gifts yet, I don't know ... but it did seem a little ... off. He always seemed unsure of himself and his actions.Elazar - The wizard over Galax and master of the castle that houses the Tower of Change. He is extremely old, wise and talented, but often seems forgetful.Mortighan - Elazar's oldest friend and uncle to Justise, a lady that helps Galax on his quest to find the Keys of Fate.OverallFor an adult, this book may seem to start off a little slow. For a child, however, the book would be captivating ... which is wonderful since the book is written for nine-year-olds and up.There were good wizards, bad wizards, flying keys (reminiscent of Harry Potter), Bloodwyns, faes, trolls ... many mythical creatures you expect to see in a fantasy book. I will give the author credit in that she created four different types of phoenix ... which is something I've not read about before.I would definitely recommend this book/series to children rather than adults.
highflyer on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I was really excited to read this book. The cover art is amazing and the synopsis sounds great, but the execution wasn't the best.For me, this book was quite choppy. We jump around from character to character quite a bit which makes it hard to follow. I just catch on to the fact that I'm reading about one character and then suddenly, I'm reading about something else and then I have to figure out who it is and where they are at. I also found a few grammatical errors which are slightly off putting. I really wanted to like this book but it was so hard. I feel like this really had the potential to be a great story, but other things that bothered me were the magical aspects. Everything had long, strange names, some spells sounded like they were trying to copy Harry Potter, and then suddenly, hardly any magic is used, and I thought this was a book about wizards and other magical creatures. I doubt I will continue the series.
OkapiMA More than 1 year ago
I've tried to start this book twice now... not sure what's not "hooking" me... I've finished 4 other books rather then this book; I'm not too optimistic. I hoped it was just a slow start but I give up.
mgonzalez More than 1 year ago
The book is written so descriptively that it transports you to the world of Amunet. It is truly a visual feast for your imagination. If you enjoy adventure, wizards, elemental fae and other magical beings then this book is a must read. But this book is much more, the characters have wonderful human qualities ,that comes through the writing, with messages of friendship, love and respect for those of different cultures. The main character Galyxx ,is a young adult apprentice to the older wizard , Alazar. It is a coming of age journey for Galyxx , the apprentice has to adapt quickly from student to a fully realized wizard in order to save his mentor. This story serves as a reminder that with age comes, wisdom but with youth comes discovery and adventure. Ms. Randolph has created a visually stunning, creative and story that has twist and turns and has a message about friendship, and a quest to not only save love ones but the planet in which they all reside on. This book would be reminiscent of a young adult Harry Potter meeting Lord of the Rings. I can't wait to read the next book of this series!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago