The Summer Sail: A Novel

The Summer Sail: A Novel

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The Summer Sail: A Novel 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Long plane rides call for a fun book to whisk you away! Im happy i picked this one out. The story is relatable. It reminded me to reach out to some college friends and plan some summer fun!
KrittersRamblings More than 1 year ago
Check out the full review at Kritters Ramblings When you think of a summer women's fiction novel, this is the book that should now come to mind. Three women have been friends since college and they often take vacations to reconnect. This year one of them decides to combine the vacation with a celebration of their wedding anniversary and the girls plus their families. So off they go from Boston to Bermuda . . . I loved that the story equally focused on each of the three ladies. Each had something going on, but nothing felt overtly dramatic. It was no where near soap opera level drama as I explained to my mom, it was "normal people drama." They each had a full story but nothing overshadowed one or the other.
CharlotteLynnsReviews More than 1 year ago
I am new to Wendy Francis. So when I picked up this book I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would I fall into this book, connect with the characters, love the setting or would I struggle to enjoy the storyline? I definitely connected with the characters, loved the setting of the Bermuda cruise, and could not stop turning reading. The college roommates who became forever sisters after they graduated are wonderful. They have each moved on with their lives, looking for love, having children, but have never lost touch. With this cruise, we learn about the good and the bad in their lives. The more I read about them the more I connected with them. They had real-life problems, real-life successes, and real-life reactions to what was happening around them. Single mom Lee was my favorite only because I could relate to her struggles with her daughter. Lacey, the daughter, goes away to college and comes home more independent, more in love with her boyfriend who the mom doesn’t really know, and more argumentative with her mother. I could feel the struggle between them but more than that I could feel their want to be friends and reconnect within these new rules of their life. The ending threw me for a loop. I wanted it to all come together tied up pretty but it didn’t seem to do that. The story just ended. There was more to tell, more to share, and I wanted it. While there wasn’t necessarily a cliffhanger, it just didn’t come together as nicely as I would have liked. Maybe there is more to come from these characters, maybe it is up to the reader’s imagination to figure out what happens next… I am just not sure.
ELF-thereadingaddict More than 1 year ago
Take an armchair cruise! “The Summer Sail” by Wendy Francis is a women’s fiction novel that follows a trio of college roommates who have reunited for a cruise. Ostensibly, Abby has invited her best friends to help her and her family celebrate her 20th wedding anniversary, but each of the women has an additional goal for the trip. Amid the luxury and pampering of a trip to a beautiful Bermuda beach, real-life drama plays out as each reflects upon her life choices and her future. This is a delicious summertime novel, perfect for relaxing at the beach with a cold libation. I enjoyed the author’s deft evocation of that lasting bond that forms during the halcyon days of college, when one has big dreams and the future is an open book. The three paths taken are contrasted as each woman deals with a crisis in her life that comes to a head on the cruise, juxtaposed with the hedonistic vacation they are enjoying. Each of the friends’ point of view is provided so that we are able to understand some of what they are grappling with, but this book only provides a keyhole into their lives. We also get a brief look into daughter Lacey’s mindset, contrasting her college experience with that of her mom. I was a little surprised at Abby’s naivete with respect to her sons and I didn’t establish a deep connection with any of the characters but I enjoyed this glimpse into the lives of all of these folks. I am almost tempted to try a cruise but still fear that dreaded seasickness, not to mention being in forced proximity to so many folks! I’m a little disappointed that not all of the strings are tied off by the end of the story but I guess that reflects reality. I think the author has an engaging voice and that fans of women’s fiction will enjoy reading about these three friends. A copy of this title was provided to me for review
ethel55 More than 1 year ago
The idea of celebrating a 20th anniversary and renewal of vows via a cruise certainly fits the bill for a good summer beachy read. Abby and her college roommates have made a point of getting together over the years. Even though their personal lives have taken different directions, they find the time together rejuvenating. Abby decides to host everyone on a Bermuda cruise to celebrate her and her husband, Sam's twentieth anniversary, while keeping secret from their family and friends some future hardship. Although I have never been on a cruise, I found the descriptions of daily life on board the ship to be interesting and the descriptions of Bermuda to be stunning. Career driven Caroline and single mom Lee round out the trio. Everyone has something to both hide and share it seems, during this year's reunion of friends.
KateUnger More than 1 year ago
I read The Summer Sail on our recent cruise to the Bahamas. I thought it would be the perfect book since it’s about three college friends reuniting for a cruise to Bermuda, but unfortunately, it wasn’t right for me. Abby and Sam are celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary, so they decide to splurge for cruise with Abby’s college friends – Lee and Caroline. Lee brings her college freshman daughter, Lacey, and Caroline brings her boyfriend, Javier. Abby and Sam’s twin high-school sons also board the cruise. It should have been a light and fun, beachy read, and it kind of was, but it was too character driven for me. You’re probably sick of hearing me say that, but I want something to HAPPEN in a book. I don’t just want to read 300 pages of description and conversation. Abby is keeping a secret, and it’s not revealed until the second half of the book. It was just too long. Caroline is pining for her boyfriend to propose, and she was just too annoying about it. Lee was fine. She was struggling with Lacey and needed to put more focus on herself, but she didn’t bother me too much. I pushed through this book because I wanted to know the secret and see if anything ever happened, and some stuff does right at the end, but it just didn’t work for me.
FeatheredQuillBookReviews More than 1 year ago
Every year three college roommates, living completely different lives, get together for a vacation, to remember the good times and make new memories. Abby, the housewife, married to a professor named Sam, spends her time raising their twin boys Chris and Ryan. Lee is a preschool teacher and single mother to college student Lacey. Caroline, the extravagant one, living in New York with her boyfriend Javier, works for a magazine. This year their vacation will be a little bit different. Abby and Sam have invited everyone on an all-expenses paid cruise to Bermuda to celebrate their twentieth wedding anniversary. Everyone is excited and is ready for the cruise. Although the main reason is for Abby and Sam's anniversary, each family has their own hopes for the vacation. Caroline is heading on this vacation hoping that her boyfriend Javier will propose. Caroline and Javier have been dating for three years. Although she isn't sure whether she wants children or not, she knows that she wants to take this next step with him. She doesn't want anything extravagant, just something small and simple, but she does want something that will bind them together forever. Before the cruise she left subtle hints and she has left little hints on the cruise as well. Although she hasn't told Javier about it, she does plan on giving him an ultimatum, either he proposes or they move on. As the cruise continues, and still no proposal, Caroline's concern continues to grow about where her relationship will go from here. Lee is hoping that the cruise will help get her daughter back. Being a single mother to Lacey, they have always been close. When Lacey went off to college, so far away from home, they began to grow apart. It has gotten to the point where Lee feels like she doesn't even know her daughter at all. When Lacey comes home for the summer and they are both surprised with the cruise, Lee thinks it will be the perfect trip for them to reconnect. Lacey, excited to get away, has a huge secret that she must share. Although she is nervous about talking to Lee, since it could change their lives forever, she has to come clean to her mother. For Sam and Abby, the whole reason for this cruise is to bring together their friends and family and have a vow renewal for their twentieth wedding anniversary. With their sixteen-year-old twins Chris and Ryan off enjoying the activities on the cruise, Sam and Abby are enjoying their time lounging by the pool and spending time with their friends. Although everyone thinks that they are here for a vow renewal, Sam and Abby also have news of their own that they have to share with everyone. Not wanting to spoil the renewal, they decided to tell everyone after the renewal. Since the vow renewal isn't until the middle of the week, Abby has to try to act normal, so no one catches on. The Summer Sail was the perfect summer read. It was very detailed so it made me feel like I was on the cruise as well. It was like a true family book where I could relate to each person and the secret they kept. The reader will start out knowing Caroline's secret of wanting a proposal, but it leads you on because you're constantly wondering how she will break this ultimatum to Javier. With Lacey, you learn her secret later, but knowing what her mother went through, you again are led on with wondering if it is true or not and how will she break this to Lee. Quill says: If you're looking for a great summer read, this book is for you.
Fredreeca2001 More than 1 year ago
Love, love, love this cover. Who does not love a cover which looks like instant relaxation! Three college friends and their families are setting sail on a cruise to Bermuda, basically to celebrate the renewal of vows for Abby and her husband. This turns into a trip to remember. This is a quick, good, all around beach read. And to tell you the truth, I have no idea what was so great about it. It really is a normal beach read about life, family, friends. Nothing special. But, I was captivated! All the way through. Each character brings a different story into the mix. Caroline and her boyfriend he going to propose? Single mom Lee and her college aged daughter Lacey…is she pregnant? And then there is Abby with her twins and her great husband…what is wrong with Abby? On top of all these questions, the setting of the cruise ship and Bermuda just kept me glued to the pages. All the characters compliment each other and really give this story the kick you need to start off BEACH SEASON! HOORAY! I received this novel from Edelweiss for a honest review