The Queen

The Queen

by Tiffany Reisz


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The Queen 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What a great ending!!
JRS More than 1 year ago
Does anyone else feel like Nora deserves more? Like she should demand more for herself or just move on again? This review might make people mad, but I am actually a true fan. Don't hate. I work at a library and sometimes display this series in order to get it circulated, but only with moderate success. After reading the series and the short stories and letting them sit in my mind for awhile I have decided to post a short review, which touches briefly on the series and has SPOILERS. This book and the series is well written with interesting characters, good plot, and great steamy BDSM, which emphasizes the Dom/s relationship of Soren and Eleanor as a partnership of lovers, of two people who give each other what they need. Even as they hurt each other, they try to not harm. This was one of my favorite aspects of the series. Eleanor/Elle/Nora is a strong, intelligent, brave young adult then an adult in the series, and I felt the passion between her and Soren, and the love they had for each other. It is a story of forbidden love, not always pretty, but memorable. I ended up feeling sad for Nora. At one point in the series she says that Wes is her only friend, and at another point Soren says she must be lonely. I have to agree. How could she not be lonely? She and Soren can't really "be" together, I think King would secretly like to see her vanish, Juliette isn't enough of a character to be able to say if they are friends or not, Zach goes back to his wife, and it doesn't appear like Nora made or kept any friends from college. So basically she spends her time having sex, working around sex, or writing about sex. Any hobbies? Apparently not, although she did swim in college, but that had to be given up. I found that as I read I had to remind myself that this series is a work of fiction (whereas I usually like to lose myself in books) and that although it is captivating, hot, and sexy to read, it is a life that IMO, would not satisfy most people. And as it is Erotica, rather than Romance, there really isn't a HEA, rather there is a "wrapping up" of the character's lives in The Queen. I want the author to write something short for Nora and Nico. Perhaps the time she is in France is where Nora gets a more well rounded life. I feel the author senses this need too. Recently I read the short story Something Nice, where Nora runs into a married mother and after some conversation Nora mentally reassures herself that her life as it is, is still okay. Why is Nora still searching her mind for validation? I also wish that someone would do something other than share/lend her sexually in order to make her life more balanced. Of course Nora probably would refuse this offer, she would always choose the pain, the hiding, sacrifice, and Soren. So for me, a bittersweet series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Tiffany Reisz is an amazingly talented writer. The Queen was "everything" I hoped for in the continuing story of Original Sinners saga. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED IT! If you haven't read the prior books in this story, you should start today! I have read all The Red and White Year books, and this critically acclaimed, award winning series will not disappoint. Be prepared to experience the best, by far, erotic, sinful, story of Eleanor... Nora; The Queen, the Saint, and the King.
feather_lashes More than 1 year ago
The Queen is part of Tiffany Reisz's erotica/BDSM series titled Original Sinners. It is book #8 in the series as a whole and book #4 in the prequel series distinguished as The White Years. The Queen picks up right where the last book The Virgin leaves off and continues to offer readers flashback scenes which has come to be expected of the The White Years installments. Readers will see what happens after Søren, Kingsley, and Nora's year apart, and how Eleanor becomes Mistress Nora and earns her place as queen of the underworld. Every book in this series makes reference to Nora and Søren's vows to each other: She promised him forever and he promised her everything. The Queen shows these two treasured characters make good on their vows to each other in their very own way. I ended The Queen on the most satisfying and beautiful sigh. If this is the finale of the series then I can honestly end it happy. Of course if it's not the end, I will be even happier because I love these books and characters so much I don't want it to stop. I'm considering making a "favorite series" shelf just so I can add this one! Thank you Tiffany Reisz for some serious quality entertainment these last few months. BTW, I loved Nora's perspective about her attachment to the characters she writes (Nora's character is an author of erotica). You can't fool us though...we know that was your little love note to your very own original sinners ♥ My favorite quote: “Romance is beautiful, it's a gesture, it's a walk in a park with a pretty girl. Romance whispers sweet nothings. Romance gives an engagement ring. Love is ugly sometimes. It crawls into a war zone to save a friend. Love tells painful truths. Love takes a bullet.” The following is the recommended reading order for this series: The Red Years: 1) The Siren 2) The Angel 3) The Prince 4) The Mistress The White Years: 5) The Saint 6) The King 7) The Virgin 8) The Queen The Original Sinners series includes the following installments as of December 2015: 0.5-Seven Day Loan 0.6-Little Red Riding Crop 0.7-Submit to Desire 1-The Siren 2-The Angel 3-The Prince 3.1-Daniel Part Two 3.2-A Christmas Maggie 3.5-The Mistress Files 3.6-Everything They Wanted 4-The Mistress 4.5-Poinsettia 5-The Saint (White Years #1) 6-The King (White Years #2) 6.1-Christmas in Suite 37A (White Years #2.1) 7-The Virgin (White Years #3) 8-The Queen (White Years #4)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love Tiffany Reisz. Her stoties and characters are so complex and intertwined. I'm sorry to see the end of this series and can only hope that her next books will be as enjoyable.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I will always buy or preorder anything by Tiffany Reisz. She is my favorite author. Her characters and story lines are so vivid and complex, flawed and vunerable, beautiful and brutal. I wish I could live in this world. To know and love these characters. I am sad to see this series end, however I can't wait to see where else Ms. Reisz will lead us. Please don't ever stop writing. Thank you for the journey thus far.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Well worth waiting for and beautifully written. Complex characters that you can't help loving. Surprizing splashes of humor. Sorry to see the story end.
LadyLydiaJane More than 1 year ago
Someone has to be different from the crowd so it might as well be me. TR used to be my favorite author but she has since fallen from favor. I get the feeling that she has her hands in my pocket finding funds to feed her golden calf. I hate feeling fleeced. The story was nice enough and her writing excellent. But the cost was too much for what I got. There were mysteries solved and more mysteries created. Glad the series is over so save my pocketbook. I would give her a five for the story but a two for the pricing. Never again.
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
  The Queen, Tiffany Reisz Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews Genre:  Romance, erotica   Well, the final book and what a fabulous series its been. The Queen fills in those missing years, more of the story behind the story. I can recall in those first four books the gaps, and thinking “ yes, but.... what happened.... why did...” and finally more answers. It seems odd in a way having this written so the holes in the early books are filled in later, but if we’d known all at the time the drama, the suspense and our whole viewpoints would have been different. For me anyway! I know when I read book one, where we met Nora, as opposed to Eleanore or Elle, and Zach and Wesley, it was like beginning halfway through now I know what happened before and how Eleanore/Elle  became Nora Sutherlin. It would have spoiled things for me if the story had been told in chronological order. I Hated Soren after that first book, just didn’t understand why Nora loved him. I was a bit like Wes, thinking of him as some abuser, a violent uncontrollable sadist, and then we met the man himself and of course like millions of others I saw he was a much more complex character, and understood why both Nora and King loved him, adored him and would give their lives for him – he was like that about them too. King had me confused, it took a long, long while before I began to understand him and what motivated him – Love and protection, that’s all, love of people he considered His and protection for anyone to whom he considered needed and deserved it. I think I could go back and read his story and rate it higher, the few reservations I had then have changed ;-) and like others he's won me over!! Soren, Nora, King,  they really are a complete Trinity. Its not to say that there isn’t room for Juliette and Nico and others, but that the three of them together make some kind of a whole Unit, that expands to allow others in. So here we get all that missing info, how Nora transitioned, how she became The Queen. It wasn’t easy, wasn’t without huge issues and struggles, not least the temptation constantly to return to Soren. Nora knew though that it would mean giving up her Domme persona, that she would lose part of herself and she knew that would be wrong for her – and for Soren. He deserved the whole Nora not just part of her and yet he couldn’t right then accept her.  We know from earlier books they find a way to get there, but its been wonderful reading just how the journey went, just what struggles and traumas they encountered along the way. Some terrific characters too –Thorny in this book, my heart bled for him, and I just hope that he found happiness finally and for a long time ( yes ok :-$ I know he’s not real – but these people Feel real). Its been a wonderful journey, I’ve learned such a lot about people, human nature, just why some people  have specific needs, that its not an issue if everyone consents, that for some it is a need not a choice, and it’s opened my eyes to so much more. I’ll miss reading about all of them, and their quirks.  Still, I can always reread – I love to do that, and maybe knowing some of the gaps, the backstory I’ll see things differently this time round. I did reread the first four while waiting to the last four, and viewed some parts very differently – I saw just how easy it is to prejudge people not knowing all the background.... Inevitably this series will, like 50 shades, spawn a myriad of similar reads * sigh* Sadly I’v
Under_The_Covers_BookBlog More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Annie and posted at Under The Covers Book Blog We know her as Mistress Nora but THE QUEEN gives readers the in depth version of how they got there. While the White Years is technically what happens before the first set of books, I always tell readers to read this at the end because there are so many different layers to these characters, it’s almost easier to “meet” Nora first and then get to know her as Elle after. What’s great about this series is that Reisz has a lot of material to work from. I don’t know if she already had these backstories in her mind when she started writing the first books, but these don’t just feel like added layers to an already solid series; they dig deeper, cutting into the heart of the matter of these characters. If you thought you knew them before, you get to know them more in these books. THE QUEEN essentially picks up where Elle returns from the convent and this is when King gives her a job of a lifetime. He will train her and make her in the most powerful, most influential Mistress that anyone has ever come across. Problem is, Elle is a submissive and doesn’t know if she is capable of topping like King wants her to. There’s the added competition in Milady who has quickly risen to the top in the underworld and Elle must now outman her. A lot of my favorite characters make an appearance. Of course this was expected though because I don’t think a series like this would work unless we had everyone together in one way or the other. What’s interesting about this series is that while there’s a lot of sharing in these novels, each scene has its intimate moments. And I think that’s what makes these books so compelling. It’s not just sex scene after sex scene. And Reisz’s writing helps with that too. Eloquent and free-flowing, these books are honestly some of the best written ones I’ve come across in a long time. Talent, along with Reisz’s fearlessness to write about anything, is what makes these books so edgy and different. They are definitely worth your while.
SandraHoover More than 1 year ago
All Hail the Queen! And that is you, Tiffany Reisz! I bow to you as you've delivered yet another masterpiece - the absolute perfect ending to this series - how very fitting that it go out like this. I started this book with trepidation, sad because the end was in sight, worried it might fall just a wee bit short of my sky high expectations . . .ridiculous, I know, as you've never failed to deliver anything but the creme de la creme. The Queen is that and more, as it delivers a knock out punch straight to the heart. It is raw, erotic, honest, and yet so very intimate. The Queen opens with a beautiful wedding in Scotland (imagine Soren & Kingsley in kilts!) Afterwards, Soren & Nora sit in the chapel, as they nervously await a life altering event that will occur in three short hours. Nora wants nothing but honesty & love between them, so she asks Father Stearns/Soren to hear her confession. Thus begins the story of the transformation of Eleanor Schreiber into Mistress Nora, the Red Queen - the Queen of the Underground. Nora retraces the time after returning from her year of seclusion away from Soren & Kingsley, including details of her battle to claim the throne of the Underground as her own and her determination to protect the secrets of those she loves. Eleanor believes she is destined to become Mistress Nora, even though it means giving up her love, her heart, her priest - Soren. She revels in the power of freedom, even as Soren mourns his loss of her and continuously tries to seduce her into coming back to him. Mistress Nora emerges as Kingsley trains her for her role as the intimidating Red Queen - a dominatrix that commands fear & a burning desire to please in men everywhere. As her power grows, so does the relationship between Nora & Kingsley, in spite of the wedge it drives between Soren & Kingsley. Their emotional turmoil - hurt, anger, hate, love - literally ignites the pages. The pain of words spoken & unspoken weighs heavily on them both and yet, neither is willing to give in or give up. And so this indomitable trio find themselves at an impasse . . . Soren, Nora, and Kingsley - three people bound together by a thread of love that may be stretched but never broken. There are so many things that make The Queen a special book but what I will remember and treasure most is the gift of finally seeing, hearing, & breathing in the real Soren, finally meeting him completely unmasked and vulnerable. This book strips away his many complex layers and bares the heart & soul of the man. The incredible depth of both his love and his pain is inescapable as he drops all shields and lays it all on the line for love. We share the weight of his sacrifices and suffer the agony of his despair, believing he's lost everything forever. My heart ached as I cried for Soren & Nora & Kingsley. The Queen is a powerful story of love and the scars it leaves etched upon the heart & soul. It's a story of sacrifice for the sake of love and survival, of forgiveness & salvation. It's the story of three hearts beating as one - a King, a Queen, and a God. I was absolutely, totally & completely consumed by this story, this series. It's shocking, erotic, raw, real. One of the most intimate books I've ever read. A Page Burner! A 2015 Favorite! A Must Read! *Many thanks to Netgally for an ARC of The Queen. *Full review available at:
Brenda-Reynolds More than 1 year ago
As usual I downloaded (through pre-sale the moment it became available) Tiffany's new book at the stroke of midnight EST the day of release and began reading. For last six books I have planned for the release, with the usual anticipation and finishing all other reading so that I can focus solely on the new release. Today was no exception. I'm a bit stalkerish with her work as I've read everything I could get my hands on that Tiffany Reisz (pronounced Rice) has written. Her fans have waited with desire and trepidation for the last installment of the White years. We desire this because it is more of our beloved story of Nora, Soren and King. We do not want this release because she has stated it was the last. Tiffany has captivated her audience with her innate ability to tell a story. Her written communication to her followers put us on our knees with anticipation and gratitude, Mistress of our Literary kink. We have fallen in love with every character, made them a part of my family and this, the last as though our family is going their separate ways. This is a love story, from beginning to end, of two people that have brought in the unlovable and loved them, made them whole again. Bring the tissues, a box of them, because this is a sad and very happy ending. Tiffany has also stated she would give us short stories every once in a while so that we aren't going cold turkey. "The Queen" has thrown her flogger around my heart making the "Original Sinners" series one of my all time favorites. I will go back and re-read every issue including the stories exclusive to her website. If I could give this book, this series, ten stars I would because it has truly earned every single one.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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