The Best Man's Proposal

The Best Man's Proposal

by Wynter Daniels


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The Best Man's Proposal 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
booknooknuts More than 1 year ago
First off I want to say this book kept me mesmerized. The electricity between this couple was mind blowing. A night that was to be only one night turns into so much more for Niki and Grant. Between broken hearts, a divorce, a new job prospect, aging parents, a trip to London how in the world will this couple who didn't want a relationship manage? Does Niki stand a chance at getting what she wants? Well grab your copy and find out.
betty400 More than 1 year ago
Niki Hamilton thought she finally had things going her way and then her boyfriend dumps her just before her sister Lucy's wedding. Then she finds out she's losing the place where she is living. What else can happen and what is a women to do? Well she's offered the opportunity to roommate with the grooms best man, Grant Powers, who happens to be a gorgeous firefighter. He's recently divorced and is putting his house up for sale but she would have a place to stay for a couple of months until she can afford to get her own. They are both sexually attracted to each other and since they are not looking for a permanent relationship, what could a one night stand hurt. Hmmm~~~~ What a great love story with great characters which also includes Sarge, the cat! A must read and I highly recommend.
AnnaSalamatin More than 1 year ago
Totally captivated and absolutely enjoyed the true to life characters and a storyline that I could relate to.... Niki Hamilton received a break up text while at her sisters wedding.. so what does she do? She spends one, off the charts amazing night with Grant Powers, the best man... that's the end of it, or so they thought. This is really their story. Lots of funny moments, tons of temptation, soul searching, and a fat orange cat named Sarge.... I do recommend this to anyone who enjoys a great love story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Beautifully written for a happily ever after tale of romance and desire !
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
Oh how I loved Niki and Grant's story! Both were such sweet and great characters throughout the book, selfless, supportive, and genuinely cared for the other. Grant was a fantastic man - one every woman would love to have in her life. He was considerate, helpful in all situations, family oriented, and a nice guy. He took Niki in with only a little hesitation, but thought it through decided to help her out. I loved the friendship that they formed and learned to care for each other. They had so many sweet and funny moments that just pull on your heart strings. Their story flowed nicely from beginning to end and I loved how what they truly wanted and needed came to fruition. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher through Netgalley.
etoile1996 More than 1 year ago
the thing about the best man's proposal is that i don't actually remember him proposing anything. because the whole thing that gets niki and grant living together is niki's sister and new husband's doing. it's super awkward because niki and grant had just had the best one night stand, and now they are supposed to be roommates. it's a temporary thing though. grant is selling his house to move back to upstate new york, and niki has a job offer that could have her moving to london. everything they want for their future is the complete opposite. grant wants to work back on his family's farm and find a way to serve his community—he's a firefighter in miami. and niki wants the city life. she wants thrills and excitement. but for all that they want opposite things, they also want each other. being in each other's space all the time only brings out the blazing hot chemistry they have. but how can they have a future when there is no middle ground to compromise on? how can they make it work without one of them having to give up their dreams? grant is always ready to save the day for niki, but he already gave up his dreams for someone once, and he doesn't have it in him to do it again. even though niki is worth it. but are her dreams really what she wants? or have her dreams changed? there are lots of questions here. and they do all get answered. niki and grant have something worth fighting for. as roommates they fit into each other's lives just so, so there has to be a way to figure it out long term. **the best man's proposal will publish on september 18, 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/entangled publishing (lovestruck) in exchange for my honest review.
FizzaYounis More than 1 year ago
Two people who seem so wrong for each other are somehow also perfect together. It's a story about opposites and how they come over their differences simply because they know that their love is worth all that. I loved it! And I think their story is truly amazing. It's a must read for every contemporary romance fan. I enjoyed it a lot, with so many laugh-out-loud moments and swoon-worthy romantic scenes. Niki wants to get out of under her sister's shadow. What more she wants to work and love in Europe. It has always been her dream and she is willing to endure a few hardships now and then if it means that ultimately she will be moving to London. Also after a few bad experiences she has decided love is not in the cards for her. She just wants to focus on her carrier and achieve what she has always wanted in her life. Until she meets Grant. Grant is a country man, he is waiting for his house to be sold so that he can move back to take care of his family's farm. What he and Niki has can go no further than friends with benefits. But for some reason he wants more, after a long time he has felt this way about someone, and he just wants to give it a try. Although, they both have decided that they are wrong for each other and any relationship between them will not work, but the fate has something else in mind.... I love both Niki and Grant. The author has done a great job with these two characters, they're very well written. Niki is exactly the kind of heroine I like most, and well, Grant is definitely something to talk about. Together they are simply perfect and the chemistry between them is off the charts hot. I quite enjoyed reading their story and I hope others do too.
Babsygirl More than 1 year ago
OMG what can I say, except I loved every minute of this new book The Best Man's Proposal by Wynter Daniels. So much so, that once I started, I did not put it down, leaving my poor husband to get the dinner that night, so I could indulge. Right before her sisters wedding Niki gets a text from her boyfriend dumping her, so what does she do? Has the most fabulous night of pleasure with the best man Grant. Both swear it will never happen again, since neither one want a relationship. Yet, fate has other decisions, with Niki losing her place to live and Grant offering to share his house with her until he sells it. Reluctantly she agrees and now both of them must deal with this strong mutual attraction. With funny moments, touching moments and lots of sexual tension, you'll love it from start to end.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago