Soulbound (Darkest London Series #6)

Soulbound (Darkest London Series #6)

by Kristen Callihan

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Soulbound 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
alterlisa More than 1 year ago
This is a series that I continue to read without being entirely sure what draws me to it. In general, I'm not overly fond of urban fantasy that has demons and angels as characters in them. But this series just has so much more, shifters, fae, magic and twisty romance that continues to draw me back time after time. Each book has a different romance while still touching on the earlier characters that I've met and grown to love. I read several reviews where this was the first book in the series that they had read. This is a series that really, really needs to be read in order so that you have the background of each of the romances. I love the setting in historical London and the constant action that keeps you reading late into the night. Can't wait for Sin's story in the upcoming "Forevermore".
BananaTricky More than 1 year ago
Please take the mediocre rating with a pinch of salt as I have started and dropped sooo many books this week, including pre-ordered books by favourite authors, that the fact that I actually managed to finish this book is a monumental achievement. From my POV this book suffered with most of the tension having occurred between the main characters in previous books - if you started the series here I feel you wouldn't really understand the tension. A recap of what happened in the previous books. So Adam is the all-powerful King of the GIM, a shadowy creature allegedly a demon, who has the power to give life to the dead and in return all he requires is other souls of people who don't want to die. Eliza May was rescued from death by two of the GIM and given the choice of life, in exchange for doing Adam's bidding. However, when Adam saw Eliza he recognised her as his soulmate. Having waited over 700 years to find his soulmate Adam behaves a leetle erratically and binds Eliza to him with golden chains. They indulge in a stand-off, Eliza being the only person not to be enthralled by Adam's physical beauty and she refuses to engage with Adam at all, until she is rescued by St John Evernight on behalf of her Aunt Mab. So, in this book Eliza is starting to suspect that living with her Aunt Mab isn't all it's cracked up to be. Under the surface beauty and wealth Mab and her entourage are greedy, drunken, boorish, spiteful and murderous - Mab worst of all. But given that Eliza is hiding from the demon Adam AND her past in Boston what choices does she have? Then one night she hears a dog whining and when she investigates finds a dog lying chained and beaten in the cellars. When she touches the dog however he shifts into Adam. Mab has cursed Adam and by rejecting him Eliza has triggered the curse. Now Adam and Eliza's only chance of escaping Mab is to work together, but can they put aside their history and work together? Although this is the sixth book in the series it felt like the middle book, you know the one where the actual plot gets lost in the furtherance of various other arc strands and there are so many characters from previous books that get mentioned that you never really get much character development in the primary characters. In the previous books I really liked the love/hate relationship between Adam and Eliza and I was really looking forward to seeing their story develop, instead it was all a bit meh. The resolution of the Mab plot was rather disappointing and I thought Eliza's true nature was fairly obvious early on. Overall, too much arc, not enough character development, too much sex, not enough heat. Onwards and upwards. Presumably the next book is St John's.
Hfowler More than 1 year ago
This one wasn't my favorite, though Adam has stood out as an interesting and entertaining character from the beginning. I'm not sure what it was about the story, maybe the conflict or villain, or maybe how the relationship unfolded, but this one lacked what Evernight and Shadowbound had. It was still enjoyable and the conclusion was epic but it wasn't my favorite overall. Eliza was a good match for Adam but I think at times she was weakly drawn out. Queen Mab is the villain in this one and there was a bit of a surprise in the end on how the conflict was resolved. St. John plays a vital role in the conclusion. How Eliza and Adam end up together, in the end, was interesting. I didn't see it coming, and I am not sure if I liked how it played out in the end.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was not quite as good as the others. I felt the romance was lacking, hardly a kiss two thirds into the book. The other books are wonderful, highly recommend them.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
roseted More than 1 year ago
I have read all of Kristen Callihan's books and I am never disappointed. This one is another gem. You will be swept up with the hero and heroine and the passion that they feel for each other. You can read this one by itself but I would suggest you read her books in order to really capture the essence of her books. You won't be disappointed in this book.
Justpeachy1 More than 1 year ago
Kristen Callihan brings readers an exciting new chapter in the Darkest London series. If you are a paranormal romance fan, you must read this series! Soulbound is the eighth book in the series and features a man literally in chains after his soulmate leaves him. This is story about what it means to be truly free and I think it will resonate with readers on many different leaves. At it's most basic part it is a paranormal romance, with historical overtones, but it's more than that and readers will love all the things that makes this book so different. Darkest London has to be among my top five favorite paranormal romance series'. There are a lot of reasons for that. Callihan not only gives readers an amazing world of paranormal characters, but she sets her series in Victorian London. I am a former history major and that little detail alone, was enough to pull me in. But every once in a while in a good series, there is book that is a little more potent then all the rest. It seems to strike a cord that maybe the reader had never recognized before and that's how Soulbound was for me. There was something about it, that will stick with me long after the reading of it. What is freedom? Now there's a deep question and I think Callihan answered it, even if that wasn't the intent. Maybe it wasn't meant to be quite that deep, but for me it was. Are you free when you have no strings or chains attached to you, like Eliza did or are you free when you realize that chains can't really hold you when you have love. I don't know, but I really liked this one. It had a double meaning for me. I loved Eliza and her strong character and disposition. I understood her need to run from Adam even though she should have been running to him. It's a whole lot of pressure. How would you like to be the reason someone starts to have feelings and emotions after 700 years? It was such a good feeling he chained her to him and I sort of kind of understood that too. So it was one of those situations where they were meant to be, it just took a little while to realize it. What a great couple! Adam was simply amazing. I truly enjoyed his story and from a paranormal perspective, this couldn't have gotten any better. Adam was sexy, and impulsive and possesive. He was a true alpha, I mean really who chains their soul mate to their side? LOL. He was a real gem of a character. He made you want to just swoon at times and pull your hair out at other times. My favorite kind of hero! Bottom Line: All the right paranormal characters, all the fantastic world building, which was even more amazing because of the historical context. Amazing characters and so much heat. I loved Eliza and Adam together and apart. I loved the undertones in this book and it really resonated with me. I can't recommend it enough. Even if you aren't a paranormal enthusiast, this book will speak to you.
WorldsCollide More than 1 year ago
The Darkest London series continues with another fantastic book. Soulbound was dark, thrilling, and wonderfully romantic. I loved this book and I thought it was an excellent read. Eliza was a heroine who wanted nothing more than the freedom to make what she wanted of her life. She was strong, often stubborn, but also smart enough to know what to do in just about any situation. She had her flaws, sharp tongue included, but that made her seem like a more real character. I really liked her. Adam was wonderful. Like Eliza, he had his flaws, namely his impulsive actions in trying to claim Eliza in a way that was guaranteed to make her run. But, he was also very protective of his GIM, whom he considered his children, and determined to make Eliza love him. He came off as gruff, but he was really sweet. I thought he was great. The romance  definitely came off to a tumultuous start. But, once they were able to get to know each other beyond Adam's desperation and Eliza's suspicion, they were clearly perfect together. And they definitely had chemistry that sent more than a few sparks flying. The plot was fast paced and had me hooked from page 1. As with every book in this series, there were twists, thrills, and plenty of surprises along the way. The story was wonderfully dark and the ending was great. I'm excited to read the next book in the fantastic Darkest London series! Soulbound was a dark, thrilling, and fantastic romance that I really liked. Romance lovers, this is a book not to be missed. *I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review
Under_The_Covers_BookBlog More than 1 year ago
4.5 Stars With book six in the Darkest London series, Kristen Callihan once again pens a highly detailed, tautly-written book for her readers. It’s apparent that Callihan cannot write a bad book. With her eloquent writing and talent for dishing out clever dialogue, it’s easy to fall in love with Adam and Eliza’s story. Eliza is a strong-willed woman and in the face of powerful Adam, she will not falter. So even when he is cursed and only his soul mate can save him, Eliza flees, unwilling to surrender her freedom to him. As with a lot of Callihan’s books in this series, the backdrop is dark and gritty, providing extra ambience for readers to soak up and enjoy. Paired with Eliza’s personality and Adam’s almost mocking bitterness, you can definitely feel the tension in the air as they speak to one another. I especially enjoyed Adam’s character who seemed to bring this book to life all on its own. All of the books have this darkness to them, but Adam brings something more mysterious as well. If you’re a fan of either Bec McMaster’s London Steampunk series or Jenn Bennet’s Roaring Twenties, this is another series that expertly melds together various genres to become something new and exciting on its own. I’m already on the edge of my seat waiting for the next book! *ARC provided by publisher
Sailon More than 1 year ago
One soul separated by lifetimes is finally reunited. But after years of searching, Adam mishandles his soul mate reunion creating what would seem an unbreachable chasm with Eliza. Eliza is kept as a slave to Adam. When she is broken free, she soon discovers freedom is not always what it seems, even when its family. Eliza quickly questions the motives of her fae relatives. When she discovers a brutally beaten dog, she knows this is a place of agony and must find her way to break free and take the dog with her only to shockingly discover that its not a true dog but Adam. He has been taken by her aunt/grandmother and tortured for months. Its a race against time and superior magic for Eliza and Adam. As they fight for refuge and true freedom, a real bond between Adam and Eliza tenuously begins to grow. Can they ever find happiness in each other or will their paths rip them apart. Guess you'll have to read Soulbound and find out, sure glad I did. I really enjoyed this steampunk, paranormal romance, fantasy read. Callihan draws us deeper into the Darkest London world. The story is as the series states, quite dark with horrendous acts of evil and hardship caused for the pleasure of the powerful. A page turner, Soulbound engages its reader with its heart and fictional characters that scream with real people characteristics.
ValerieStuckInBooks More than 1 year ago
I've been in the mood for paranormal books lately and so when I was given the opportunity to read this book, I took it. It's a series but I was able to jump in with this one and enjoy this paranormal romance. Definitely can be read stand alone. These two soul mates get off to a rocky start. After seven hundred years, Adams not willing to let Eliza get a way from him. He does a stupid thing. A total guy thing. Eliza doesn't really take it so well, even though Adam saves her life. They have an interesting dynamic. She's a girl out of time. Definitely sporting the women can do anything vibe but hanging out in the nineteenth century. That makes her interesting. I did get irritated with her. She really made Adam pay for his early mistakes. Her doubt makes this story take a bit longer than maybe it should have. I so loved Adam. He's a man who was cursed for doing what he thought was right. Spending so long in an unfeeling state, he's remarkably kind to the GIM. As their king, he is bound to them as well. His well being effects theirs. It made for an interesting situation towards the end. This author did like to make us earn our happy too. I was ready to crawl in the book and kick some character bootie if they didn't get this thing between them figured out. Luckily for them, they didn't have to deal with this middle school teacher. I was happy with their ending. I needed a good paranormal romance and this certainly is one. Fae, shifters, ghosts and more. I enjoyed the world. The explanation of how all these supernatural being came into being was interesting and well told. Totally felt like this world could sit next to the one we live in. The sexy times had an interesting little twist. Not gonna say but it wasn't something you'd expect from a guy who's been around as long as Adam has. They had an undeniable need for each other. Adam clearly saw Eliza as his soul mate but she didn't. They had to work through some issues and that made the relationship real. No falling into each others arms on page 2. But when they did fall into each others arms, oh what fun! And then there is Sin. I really liked him. I wondered, at first, why we kept getting little pieces of what was up with him. But he played a big role and it seems he will be the focus of the next book. Would love to read that one. If you've been looking for that good paranormal romance to give a chance to, then this is the one you need.
Sophia-Rose1 More than 1 year ago
That last installment in the series left Adam, King of the GIM (Ghosts in the Machine) in a really bad place. It was hard to be patient for the release of this book so I could find out what happened after the Queen of the Faeries stole away his soulmate and called in his curse. Adam has been a side character through much of the series and more than a little on the mysterious side along with his GIM people. This has left me salivating to finally get the up close and personal on his story. And blessed be it was so worth the wait. When he finally faced her, she wondered if she'd ever become accustomed to the impact of him. He saw too much, made her feel too much. Always. Her stomach clenched, a hot, pleasurable, yet achy sensation that had her breath catching. Loc 3011 Eliza from Soulbound Before I move on, this is a series that truly must be read in order. It builds on the books before it assuming the reader is familiar with the Darkest London world and the story lines of the previous characters. In fact this book not only does that, it reveals some interesting things about Lord Archer from book one along with a bit about all the Evernight relations that have come since then. Incidentally, that reveal about Lord Archer was quite the delightful surprise. So, this one jumps in after Queen Mab "rescues" Eliza May from Adam and Eliza has enjoyed the decadent lifestyle of the fae for long enough to realize that beneath the veneer of beauty, wealth and sensuality, Mab and the others are shallow, cruel and self-seeking with an agenda to bring all the other races to their knees. It is then that she discovers her previous captor is now himself in chains, tortured, humiliated and an object of fun for Mab. Eliza can't understand what this means and she doesn't trust Adam's words even though he tries to warn her to get away and that she doesn't understand the supernatural world she now inhabits. Eliza's conscience forces her to realize that as angry as she is at Adam for keeping her captive, she doesn't hate him and she wants him free. That being said, she enters into a bargain with him that she will free him if he will help her escape Mab and Mab's new plans to marry Eliza to her cruel brother, Mellon. Adam could withstand Mab's torture and her desire for him to give up his secrets and himself to her, but it is degradation to have his soulmate, Eliza, see him as a dog under Mab's foot that causes him to act. Eliza doesn't believe in soulmates and particularly that she is his and she certainly makes every effort to keep her distance. Adam will do what he must to keep his soulmate and pry the secrets she keeps from him. In the meantime, he must keep them out of fae hands, get to his sword so he can break the chains that bind his power and figure out how to help his people. Ever since his capture, the GIM are slowly dying and their souls are leaving. Adam has always thought that he was alone until he learns that he can rely on his people, on others of his acquaintance and on Eliza May. Eliza is strong and he must trust her if he ever hopes to keep her. Adam has to navigate he and Eliza's way through so much danger while at the same time convincing her she is his and he is hers. St. John hates himself and the chains of his blood bond. He hates the betrayal he must serve to his own family at the sadistic Mab's orders and most of all he hates Mab most of all because of what she has forced him to do. He loves his family and he's given his heart to the girl from his childhood, but both are out of reach after what he has done. But he is offered a chance at a new path. Alright, this one is an enemies to lovers romance with an exciting escape and partner to survive plot, but it is set against the brilliant supernatural world of Victorian London. Each story includes all the worldbuilding from before and paints in a few more details each new installment. In this case, its details about the fae and the GIM along with a whole new supernatural reveal. The last one, I'll keep mum about since its a pretty exciting one with roots back to the first book and ramifications for when Sin's book is told (and please let the next book be Sin's). There is a lot going on, but I love that the author took the time to develop her characters and her plots. Adam and Eliza have interesting backstories that have bearing on the present. One thing I really liked and that many authors of speculative fiction gloss over is that Adam is an old being and the ramifications of that are teased out- heaviness of long-carried responsibility, weight of years, sadness at outliving people and starting over and over. I also appreciated that there is no apology for flaws and there are consequences. Adam screwed up the way he handled discovering his soul mate and the heroine doesn't give in easily. She can't just flip a switch, forgive and forget even though she can tell that he genuinely feels regret. "You are life, Adam. I suspect that's why you chose the name you did, even if you weren't aware of doing so. You are life," she said again with greater emphasis. "You simply don't know how to live." Loc. 3020 Eliza from Soulbound There are also no easy solutions and many times suffering and pain occur. Adam overcomes many barriers to winning over Eliza, but in the end he is forced to make a decision whether he will sacrifice the lives of all his people just to be with Eliza or if he will give her up. All in all, this one delivered a strong story and a hard-won romance that was absolutely superb. It's set in a historical period, but I think that a wide range of historical romance, historical paranormal romance, and steampunk fans would appreciate these. My thanks to Net Galley for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.