Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto

Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto

by Mark R. Levin

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Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 538 reviews.
winstonsdad More than 1 year ago
I just finished Liberty and Tyranny and I have to say that it really heartens me as a conservative. Finally, among all the hype and histrionics of the Obama era, comes a voice that reconnects the modern conservative movement to its ideological and philosophical roots. Now, more than ever we need this voice for the values upon which the country was founded. Every conservative needs to get this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you've had enough floating through your life wondering what is happening to your society and country, start with this book. Jefferson believed a government will always expand its powers until encroaching upon every facet of citizen's lives. Then, the people must stand-up and dissolve that government - reducing it to its original size and scope. That time has come for us.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Mark Levin is at ground zero of the conservative movement. His studies and experiences have been brought out in a fantastic road map for people who truely believe and understand the views of the great men who founded this nation to reign in the overbearing hard-left ideologues who are stealing property (and liberty) from the people. This book could re-educate many people in our country, (and re-orient them with the ideas and philosphies that they were BORN knowing, only to be beat from their minds by the left-wing educational system and mainstream media) but as is typical with the hard-left, they will surely demonize it as extremist. I am still waiting to know how one becomes 'too' conservative - how can there be 'too much' life, individual liberty, or pursuit of happiness?? The left has positioned fascism (and Hitler, per se) as 'extreme right-wing' over many years to demogogue conservatives - unfortunately no one bothers to articulate HOW people like Hilter who controlled ALL aspects of people, property and industry can be equated with right wing conservatives who value the polar opposite of this. Levin clearly outlines conservative principals and cuts thru the clutter of the false names and demogogary that the media and hard-left interest groups use to demonize people with the values of our founders while sugar coating their agenda which intends to control almost every aspect of the lives of Americans.
CosmoBM More than 1 year ago
At last a clear, thoughtful book based in historical fact, not emotion. In these times of liberal insanity led by an inexperienced Marxist in the White House, Mark Levin is a clear voice of reason. This book is for anyone who loves this country and wants to protect her from the tyranny of the messianic moronic cult that now controls 2 branches of government. I feel renewed, full of hope for the future, and empowered. I noticed many obvious angry leftist "reviews" of this book designed to denigrate. This book is not for sheep or Obamabots-it's for independent thinkers who love this great country. Thank you Mark Levin!
stormsTC More than 1 year ago
"liberty and tyranny" is a very hard to put down best seller. mark levin has collected some wonderful conservative essays that show how our nation can stand back on its feet again and look for its core reagan principles that it seeks to find job and ecanomic prosperity and religious values again. this is a very special blue print for all voters to look once again to see what is needed in there country to get back again. this book would make a fine gift for a friend or family member.
Cabo More than 1 year ago
In Mark R. Levin's new book, "Liberty and Tyranny", he gives a stunning and revealing account on the evolution that has taken America to where we are today. Levin is a Constitutional lawyer and scholar with a writing style that is clear, concise and supported with flawless research and documentation. He has articulated the concerns of millions on the alarming and repressive taxation process that threatens life in America as our generation has known it. The Conservative Manifesto he outlines is nothing short of historical.
BigC1123 More than 1 year ago
This country has not has a conservitive President since the great Ronald Reagan, for whom Mr. Levin worked. In these trying times, with the current admnistration sprinting to the far left as fast as possible, Mr. Levin's thoughts and ideas are a welcome respite from the continual drumbeat of drones in the liberal media. Mr. Levin's analysis and anecdotes serve not only to lay out what true conservatism stands for, but also give readers hope for the future that we can some day win this country back by working together to change the hearts and minds of as many people as possible.
Constitutional_John More than 1 year ago
This man is a modern day combination of Thomas Payne, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and the good parts of Alexander Hamilton! I cannot find a page that has an error or omission. This book tracks the intent of the American Constitution as it was intended. Thank you Mr. Levin, your an American Hero
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
You prove yourself to be very ignorant by saying that Mark Levin is not a Reagan conservative, when in fact, he served in the Reagan administration. Why is it so extreme to point out the values that our country was founded upon? And if the ideas of conservatism expressed within this book are so unpopular then why, pray tell, is this book a runaway #1 best seller? This is one of the most intelligent books I have ever read! I recommend this book to liberals and conservatives alike.
suzTika More than 1 year ago
Levin, the radio host turns to authoring in this book (not his first) to rail on the current crisis that we face in America-not just the economic crisis, but the fact that we've lost our way as a country. It's tragic that Levin gets bogged down with terminology like "conservatism" and "liberal" because, even though those are sometimes fitting, they're also extremely loaded terms. THe truth is that both conservative and liberal should describe the same person: a person CONSERVING the form of government our Founders created, which is a liberal (promoting high liberty) mindset. If you get around semantics, this book is a fantastic read for anyone interested in politics. Levin is a brilliant man and this book is somehting to seriously consider
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It's obvious those that speak of Thomas Jefferson's and Alexander Hamilton's letters have never read them, as the two men were polar opposites of what their "intentions" for the country were. The reviewer is right about one thing, our current government in no way even closely resembles the intentions of either the Federalists nor the Jeffersonian-Republicans, much in part to the ever expanding socially spending federal government, exactly what Levin speaks out about. Anyone with any sense of history wouldn't use the writings of Jefferson or Hamilton to discredit this book.
Black_Conservative More than 1 year ago
Like the master he is, Mark Levin carefully encapsulates Conservatism and expertly distills it into a readable manifesto accessible to anyone. He wastes no words and packs each sentence with usable information. This book is a must for anyone who wants to understand Conservatism. For those who already understand Conservatism this book is additional ammunition to use against the hoards of ignoramuses dragging this country into Marxist hell. Levin is informative, insightful, effective, and unapologetic as he tells it like it is: this country is built on Conservatism, this is the greatest country in the world because of Conservatism, and the only thing that will preserve this country is Conservatism!
Alito4President More than 1 year ago
I cannot believe the stupidity of people that make comments about what Hamilton and Jefferson "envisioned" for our country. I'm glad to see others recognize the error. It is so frustrating to see people spew nonsense from their liberal (tyrannical) pens/mouths without understanding anything about history. Hamilton and Jefferson not only differed completely in their political theories, but their theological differences were just as great. In only two areas were they similar, their inability to manage their own personal finances and propriety; especially Jefferson, and their relationship with Madison. Hamilton and Madison's theories were very similar early on in their careers, but as Hamilton became more of a proponent for central government, Madison merged with Jefferson on less central government, at least until Jefferson and Madison became Presidents! History doesn't change, must be viewed as objectively as possible given all the facts as they become available. If you subject your opinions and thoughts of government today and try to push them together with what actually occurred 200 years ago, all you get are a bunch of puzzle pieces that don't fit together. Doesn't that describe our government today?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Dr. Mark Levin has taken upon himself to writing a book that exposes the statist and what they stand for. Mark details the visions of the founding fathers and the framers of the constitution and how those visions and philosophy applies to today's society. This book is a must read for all liberty loving Americans. I highly recommend that parents and grandparents share this book with their children and grandchildren. Only a true patriot, like Mark, would have the courage to expose the hidden agenda of the Statist.
Nancy_Pelosi_Speaker More than 1 year ago
This is a must read. It is well written and is pure truth. After reading this book some people may be personally enlightened and may have a different opinion about what the "messiah" Obama is doing to our country. Drones and cool aid drinkers not not apply!
behonest More than 1 year ago
Mark levin has written a book to remind us sleepers what we have forgotten, The struggle of our founding fathers to help create the greatest nation on earth. it didn't happen overnight there were so much life struggle,strife and learning behind this perfect constitution that no other nation in this world can ever compare to, That is why people sacrfice and struggle to come here and live, and enjoy our freedoms and liberties. We must stand together and make sure no one changes any thing about our constitution. It has been tried for years Freedom is not free. if you don't STAND for something you will FALL for anything. I recommend this book to all the boomers who forgot our history and need to be reminded. Dee Mesa,Az
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Republican Party is in search for leadership, and this book does a great job filling that vacuum. It is the mantra of the true traditional values of America rooted back to its founding with the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. This content of this book comes straight from the heart, as it opens our eyes to see how morphed and derailed our country has become. This book lays down the blueprint for how we will restore the original principles that our great country was founded on.
elias54 More than 1 year ago
I understand with sadness why the liberals comment negatively on this book: they have no idea about what the constitution is all about not to mention they did not understand its content...... it possible with these guys.... and if they say that conservatism was in charge for the last 8 years, here again they were wrong: how about the first 6 years of the last 8 years and the last two years they were !!!!!! of which their supposed to be leader "obama" hardly entered the congress and attended any sessions......
DENNYGEE More than 1 year ago
jaedyn-tyler More than 1 year ago
Dear Anne Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Pres. George W. Bush, Vice Pres. Dick Cheney, Gov. Sarah Palin, and all you other myriad voices of today's Conservative movement: Please, I am begging you. Before you come out with a new book about Conservativism, or the evils of Liberalism, or do one more interview, or host one more show, please, please, PLEASE sit down with this book, a highlighter, a pen, and a pad of paper and TAKE NOTES ON HOW TO ARGUE YOUR SIDE OF THINGS IN A LOGICAL, COHERENT, COGENT ARGUMENT!!!! I cannot express how shocked I was to finally come across a modern-day Conservative who could present his argument in a way that was obviously well thought out, logical, and reasonable, instead of being a disturbing glimpse into an alarmingly prejudiced, hateful, xeno/theo-phobic, greedy, hypocritical, and callous mindset. I will admit that I am not very far into the book, having only picked it up today, but I can already say with absolute certainty that it does not matter if you are conservative, liberal, republican, democrat, independant, or none of the above: if you are even remotely interested in government or politics, you should read this book. It lays out the tennants of modern-day Conservativism in a way that is concise, blunt, and... effective, is the best way to put it. Already I have come to an understanding of the conservative mindset and views that has answered so many of my questions about the legitimacy (and sanity) of conservativism as a political philosophy. Now, no, I am not about to just take what he says as the gospel truth- I already have a list of topics I want to research to verify some of the claims Mr. Levin is making- and I am in no way saying that the views he presents in this book are the only versions of Conservativism out there, but I do have to say that it is nice to see a Conservative present an argument someone sane can listen to without fearing the loss of a few hundred brain cells because of it. Finally.
Sharon16 More than 1 year ago
I think every high school and college student should be required to read this book. It is well written, well reseached and very educational.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you admire telepromters, this book is not for you. This is real honest writing about the history of this nation. Its about little government in your face. Its about how this Country was created by our leaders of our past. Mark was never a community organizer, he actually worked and advised a government. A Reagan government, President Ronald Reagan spoke the word of less government. Mark will guide you through history within this book, if you do not believe him read our Constitution. I have started reading this book it is a history lesson. If you dislike our history read and watch the NY Times and NBC and GE(CNBC). And one of the greatest losers of our time Barney Subprime Franks.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Mark Levin clearly explains what is means to be a Conservative. I believe that most Americans, regardless of which political party they associate with, will read this book and be surprised at how their own values are echoed in this book. It is imperative that each and every American citizen takes it upon his or herself to learn about the history of our nation's government and to also really study our constitution. Many of us take our personal freedom for granted. But we have to understand, the power of the federal government is growing and growing. The more influence the government has in our lives, the less individual liberty we have. We must not take lightly the value of our personal freedom. As Americans, we should feel empowered because we all have the opportunity to achieve anything we are willing to work hard for, both physically and intellectually. We must take responsibility for that which is within our realm of control, our own lives, and not surrender those responsibilities, and in turn the fate of our own lives to anyone else, especially to the politicians that run our federal government.
jrsedivy More than 1 year ago
This was the first book I had read by Mark Levin and I had not heard his radio show prior to reading Liberty and Tyranny. I have to say that my impression of his work is very high - especially given this is his first book I had read! The author argues for an originalist interpretation of the Constitution of the United States and provides compelling, intellectual arguments to back up his beliefs. I particularly enjoyed "The Conservative Manifesto" as outlined in the book which serves as a logical blueprint for getting back to basics. I look forward to reading more of his work as well as listening to his radio program. Highest possible recommendation for those interested in politics.
rheum_with_a_view More than 1 year ago
Mark Levin's new book decisively accomplishes several objectives which I believe he embarked upon when the idea for writing this book first struck him. It is indeed educational - I learned more about conservatism from his book than from any other single source I have read. It is intellectual - he is adept at researching the history of conservatism in America and teaching us about the divergences which have taken place since our Founding Fathers first created and adopted the Constitution. It is provocative - indeed a timely piece while the country is undertaking a sharp turn toward soft socialism in preparation for more acute changes which I believe are planned for our near future. And finally it is insightful - his final thoughts on the prospective direction of conservatism in the United States...his "conservative manifesto"...and how to achieve it is intellectually intuitive as well as effectively abridged yet thorough. Congratulations to Mark!