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Guest More than 1 year ago
First the headline is original but not the thought. On a live CD Crosby calls ''Morrison'' (from the original CPR studio CD) a song that sounded like a ''Steeley Dan demo.'' This 2nd installment (from the studio; there have been 2 live CDs too) is a real SOLID EFFORT. Highlights are ''Katie Did'' (a single too) and ''Buried Treasure'' which really rock ala YES. Although praised ''Jerusalem'' is trite and hackneyed by neonatal harmonica. Yet the rest of the disc is simply georgeous. Stills &Nash, listen up, you might learn how to make a a good album in your later days! My only other criticism is the entire ''Gravity'' disc is missing that patented Nash high 3rd harmony. Raymond is good, but he's not Nash. They probably omitted it to NOT sound like CSN, or make it possible to actually do the songs in concert. Also Peeve's axe is crisper than Stills ever was, but often not as tasteful or memorable. All in all a great hour's listen. At least as good as anything out of this family tree-- ever, and much improved over the in-need-of-CPR CSN/Y efforts out in the latter half of the past decade (and I love them anyway). PS: Don't be mistaken by the title track, it's just a kiss goodnight.