Gideon's Sword (Gideon Crew Series #1)

Gideon's Sword (Gideon Crew Series #1)

by Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child


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Gideon's Sword 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 431 reviews.
Lynie More than 1 year ago
Preston and Child, co-authors of the Agent Pendergast series, have introduced a new character, Gideon Crew. Twelve year old Gideon witnessed the violent death of his father, framed for a crime he didn't commit. Years later, he makes a deathbed promise to his mother to track down General Tucker, the government official responsible, and avenge his father's death. Crew's background as a professional thief, together with his handling of Tucker, bring him to the attention of a covert government agency. They want to hire him to intercept Mark Wu, a Chinese scientist en route to the U.S., and steal his plans for a new weapon that will supposedly change the world. But Crew is not the only one chasing Wu and at every turn Crew is battling with people trying to not only stop him from obtaining the plans but also to kill him. Crew's series might be rather short lived if the prognosis presented in GIDEON'S SWORD is correct, which would be a shame. Preston and Child have created a very likable character and it would be nice to have him around for a while. He was already embarking on a new caper as the book ended and I'm looking forward to the next Gideon Crew novel! Lynn Kimmerle
Gaz More than 1 year ago
At the conclusion of the novel there is a section entitled, A Conversation with Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. There is a comment in that section in which the authors state, "We have a mortal fear of boring our readers". Well this novel totally bored me to the point that I have no interest in reading any further adventures of Gideon Crew. What ever happened to the likes of Relic, The Ice Limit and the trilogy? Come on guys, return to your basic style. Your talent is wasted on Gideon. Surely you can do better. Gideons Sword is nothing more than a poor man's action flick with no substance. I was expecting an outstanding meal and not one that would result in indigestion.
louMT More than 1 year ago
Oh man, these are some of my fav authors and this book is NOT worth even buying used
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Preston & Child never disappoint, so spending $12.99, although expensive for an e-book, would be definitely worthwhile. WRONG! It's rare when, at the conclusion of the novel, I hope the villain prevails and the "hero", in this case, Gideon Crew, assumes room temperature and never returns. No such luck in this case. Gideon is just not interesting. His character, like the alleged plot, is contrived and didn't hold my interest at all. To sum up in just three words: Bring back Pendergast!
roadtrip More than 1 year ago
To the author(s) of this book: Who are you and what have you done with Preston and Child? This wide-eyed, charming Gideon, repeatedly coaxing confidential information out of supposedly dim-witted public servants, has zero credibility. And (spoiler) he's going to fly to Hong Kong and he'll be gone only one day? Right. There are a lot of editorial gaffs in this book. Most disturbing, though, is the authors' supreme disregard of the perspicacity of Preston and Child fans.
Disdappointed_in_NY More than 1 year ago
So I read the new Childs and Preston Book, (I read everything from these guy, both as a team and individually), and am very, very, VERY disappointed. It ended abruptly, was totally unrealistic and not even entertaining. I think these guys just churned out this book for the money. A mustNOT read. Not even used.
ChrisinGVille More than 1 year ago
This is the worst P&C book I've read. The characters are paper-thin, the dialogue silly and the story line is just weak. Gideon's "cons" are not believable and are offensive. I was rooting for the bad guy! The whole story was just not at all believable. It almost seemed like this was written by a rookie writer under the established reputation of P&C. I won't waste money on another Gideon story. I frankly could not care less as to his future adventures.
ChuckK More than 1 year ago
I just finished Gideons Sword, and to say it was a disappointment is a massive understatetment. My wife and I are both fans of the authors, and we're in complete agreement that they didn't write this book. None of their characteristic style, characterizations, vocabulary etc are there. It reads like a bad first novel...unpublished. What I find most offensive is that the actual text of Gideon's Sword in the nook book was some 313 pages. The total nookbook page count was 722 pages!! So that's over 400 pages of what was touted as "bonus material." More bonus than book!! Who needs a book by an unknown author. If I wanted to buy a book by Brad Meltzer, I'd buy it. I don't need it snuck into my book as some kind of bonus. I'm sure we're going to see a lot more of this kind of chicanery from Nook and the publishers as time goes on.
Trudy_skipper_Jones More than 1 year ago
Gideon Crew grows up thinking his father has committed treason. As he leads a life of crime he acquires skills of deception. When his mom is on her deathbed she confesses that his father was framed. As he seeks revenge for his father's death, he is being watched. After settling down at his rural cabin a job is offered to him. Crew is assigned to obtain plans for an Chinese operative's super weapon. While on the hunt for the weapon he encounters an assassin, a CIA agent, and a prostitute. Finding the plans for the weapon will turn out to be more difficult than Crew ever imagined. All in all I thought that the book was a great thriller. It had numerous ups, downs, twists and turns. The suspense in the book put me on the edge of my seat. Although it was suspenseful, on numerous occasions it seemed unrealistic. This is the reason I am giving it a four out of five stars. I feel like this would be a great read for anyone looking for an action packed thriller.
MushyWI More than 1 year ago
As a huge fan of Preston & Child, I am going to stick with the series. I read Relic when it was first published and was blown away, and have read everything they have written since, co-authored and solo, and continue to be a fan. The Pendergast books are addicting; I am currently anxiously awaiting the next one. I thoroughly enjoyed GS, but was not blown-away. As with any new character/series, it is going to take time to get to know Gideon and for his character to develop. I fully intend to buy the next Gideon book because I love love love the way these guys write and I know the Gideon series will develop. I didn't fall in love with Pendergast immediately either, but now? I am a Pendergast junkie. I hope to feel the same about Gideon.
KenCady More than 1 year ago
My faith in the reviewers here is restored as I came expecting to see the usual high praise and found that many agreed with my outlook on this one. Are thrillers becoming cartoons? Gideon's Sword sure reads like one. The beginning is a waste of space as it had nothing to do with the story. Gideon's tactics to retrieve a classified document were utterly impossible to believe. The characters were thinly drawn and not appealing, although I did enjoy having one of them shot through the head. Ultimately it was a big case of "who cares?"
JeffM88 More than 1 year ago
Reads like a high shook freshman wrote it. Weak charectors, sophomoric plot. One of the worst books I've attempted to read. I couldn't finish it, the writting and the plot was so bad. They clearly do not understand the world they were writing about. The should stick to agent Pendergast and let Gideon Crew pass away in peace.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Really not a very good book. very prdictable and rather boring. The characters were all the cookie cutter variety and not fleshed out well at all. As a longtime P&C reader I was very disappointed.
nightowlAZ More than 1 year ago
I am an avid reader of their books but found this new character and this book to be uninteresting. Many times I almost archived the book without finishing it because it did not hold my attention.
coolpapa More than 1 year ago
this book is awful, what happened to the intelligent writing from P&C. It looks like one of my midddle school students would write
1steveo2 More than 1 year ago
I'm a big fan of these guys but this book, well it came up short, real short. So short I hope the character Gideon dies before they write another story related to him. This book was as if someone else wrote it, certainly not my two favorite authors. I give this book an S cubed rating, stupid, stinky, and suckssssss. Skip it.
Coffeefresh More than 1 year ago
I used to be hughes fan of Preston & Child. What a waste of time reading this book. They are really getting sloppy in their writing. Story line and the main character (Gideon Crew) is not solid at all. Don't waste your money and time buying this book. If you must, borror from local library. This book is not worth reading what so ever.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is not up to the standards of the other Preston & Child books, in my opinion. It has a weak plot line, lots of loose ends, and was not all that exciting.
avidreaderDD More than 1 year ago
Strains credibility. The days of Relic and reliquary are long over. Sad.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I wa really looking forward to this book as P & C are 2 of my favorite authors!! But I think they missed with this one. I kept wondering when it was going to get exciting!!! The hero is right out of a made for tv action movie. No too exciting and very predictiblel. You knew he what was going to happen before it happened with a couple of minor surprises, with a bit of gore thrown in. Not what I've come to expect from the authors of "Relic" and "Reliquary". It just didn't have the creepy factor and it wasn't a page turner!! They need to stick with Pendergast and the creep factor that they re so good at!!! Not worth the money - if you must read it , borrow it, don't buy it.
Sarah Debree More than 1 year ago
This free sample is rediculous. All it is is a title page. It doesn't even have a summary of the book.
bookappeal on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Standard thriller fare. Preston and Child certainly keep the action moving though the audiobook narrator's precise pronunciation detracted from the tension. On the other hand, you can't help but catch every, single word! Like most thrillers, the hero survives unbelievable odds, partially through advanced skill and partially through luck. At least this character does acknowledge when he makes a mistake.
everfresh1 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Very disappointing! It's like reading Alex Rider novels that my children like (with a tiny bit of adult spice). This book is completely missing that pseudo scientific supernatural mystery athmosphere that is typical of other novels by these authors. Gideon is an empty character. Just another mediocre thriller.
vithimiris on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Disappointing, yet still a fun read. Nothing like the Pendergast series.
Twink on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I was excited to pick up Gideon's Sword - the first book introducing what will be a new series and character. I wasn't as excited when I finished it though.Gideon Crew was deeply affected by the violent and somewhat mysterious death of his father when he was a young boy. He grew up swearing to avenge his death. He is highly educated but makes his living as a thief. This sets up the back story. Gideon is approached by a mysterious government agency to retrieve the plans for a new weapon before they fall into the wrong hands.Gideon is described as incredibly good looking with black hair and brilliant blue eyes. Women find him irresistible, but everyone seems to fall for his gift of gab. This seems to be his best weapon. Unfortunately I just found his glibness grating and those who seemed to fall for his increasingly obvious ploys gullible. Gideon's Sword is full of action and the plot is fast paced. But is also somewhat far fetched in places. Gideon ends up with a dead man's suit after posing as his next of kin. I'm not sure why the police would not have objected as this was a murder. Gideon careens from one outlandish, improbable situation to another, talking his way through all of them. He seems somewhat callous in nature as well. He's not opposed to using unsuspecting others to further his own means. The tenderness he professes to feel for one such citizen falls flat.I found the use of Hart Island, New York as a setting for part of the novel fascinating and went off to read more on the web.So all the right elements are here - dynamic, good looking, intelligent bad boy does the impossible for shadowy organization with lots of hair raising situations. And yes, that is accomplished. But it just didn't make me a believer. Yes, the Pendergast novels are more 'out there' if you will. But I like Pendergast as a character and all those who populate that series and the plotlines grab me.If these authors are new to you, I suggest you start with their backlist