The Front

The Front

Director: Martin Ritt Cast: Woody Allen, Zero Mostel, Herschel Bernardi


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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Yes, this is a Woody Allen movie and, yes, we have Woody as the underdog who meets the intelligent and beautiful girl. But there is far more to this movie than that. We have a set of characters who have been blacklisted by the HUAC who are writers. They have Woody's character front for them by putting his name on their scripts. What happens then is the movie exposing the tragedies of some of these characters including Zero Mostel who, in my opinion, gives us an Oscar winning performance as a blacklisted comedian who is ''removed'' from a telelvision program because of his background being discovered and then unable to find suitable work. Mostel is simply brilliant - but when wasn't he? As for Woody, he moves from a low class to someone making money and moving into a swank apartment in Manhatten. But even Woody finally sees the light of day when he is summoned to appear at a House on UnAmerican Committee hearing and tells it like it is. At the end he is no longer fronting for anyone; he becomes himself. As mentioned in the initial review, many of the cast members were victims of McCarthyism and the black list of the early 1950's. This is a must movie to either rent or buy on DVD. It will enlighten those who are not familiar with this period of American history and perhaps wake them up to what could be happening right now if we are not careful. I have put the live London performance of Bernstein's ''Candide'' which also goes to a degree into this sad period of American history. In fact, it was that ''ism'' - McCarthyism that motivated Bernstein and his friends to put together this work.