Mona Lisa Smile/Steel Magnolias

Mona Lisa Smile/Steel Magnolias

Director: Herbert Ross, Mike Newell Cast: Julia Roberts, Sally Field

DVD (Wide Screen)

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Guest More than 1 year ago
I wanted to go see Mona Lisa Smile because one of my favorite actresses, Kirsten Dunst, was in it. She did wonderful acting and her dramatic scenes were some of the best she’s ever done. One scene she became very defensive and angry which I thought was impressive and she was really good at. Kirsten’s character in Mona Lisa Smile was very different to her others characters in movies because she was given a more adult role. The movie’s cast acted very well and I loved the drama and romance that they all portrayed. I thought that the movie was slow in some parts which made you lose the meaning of what was going on. I think that if the circumstances were explained better then you would have a better idea of what the characters were going through. Mona Lisa Smile’s story was also depressing. The girls got married and then one husband was having an affair. This slowed the pace down for me because I don’t like depressing scenes. But if you are in for romance and a good inspiring tale, then Mona Lisa Smile would be good for you to see.