Jesse James

Jesse James

Director: Henry King, Darryl F. Zanuck Cast: Tyrone Power, Henry Fonda
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drrichardh More than 1 year ago
While I was not born yet when this title was first released I vividly remember seeing this film in my local theater while I was still a pre teen. During the World War II years studios, to cut costs, re-released a lot of features. This was one of them. Had seen it was available on DVD but waited for the blu ray version due to the improved picture quality. This DVD looks better than I remember when I saw it on a theater screen. The colors are vivid, the focus is sharp and the sound crisp. As for the fact the film's storyline turns Jesse James into something close to a folk hero, well that's a plus too. I feel it is important to preserve the older titles as they provide a mirror into the culture of an era. Yes it drops a lot of nasty facts and smooths the edges on others but its important to see and understand this was done. When by grandchildren are old enough to learn about the real career of Jesse James I plan to show them this film and talk with them about how important it is to cross check the facts on any film being passed off as the "life story" of an historical figure.