Death of a Gigolo

Death of a Gigolo

by Laura Levine

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Death of a Gigolo 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Mizula 4 days ago
Funny, light reading, I felt my cares float away with every dip into this comedy treasure. I LOVE every book in this series!
lynnsreadingcorner 7 months ago
I just love this series! Jaine is back with her ex and "in-love" and Prozac is having none of it! Meanwhile, local heiress Daisy asks Jaine to write a romance novel with her - all dining inclusive and a group of misfits to hang out with all day. One day, Daisy has a blast from the past arrive on her doorstep and just as quickly he drops out of their lives and a hunt for the killer begins. Filled with quick and witty dialogue, you may find yourself relating to Jaine when her love tries to place her on a diet and she just can't hack it. The random email storyline is always a fun addition to the story as you never know what Jaine's parents are getting themselves into and it's always a fun interlude to the murder mystery. Yet again, a fun addition to one of my favorite series!
Carstairs38 8 months ago
Freeland writer Jaine Austen has landed a new job, this time for Bel Air heiress Daisy Kincaid. Daisy hires Jaine to write a romance novel entitled Fifty Shades of Turquoise. Jaine is working at Daisy’s house each day, so she is there for the arrival of Tommy, a young man who quickly worms his way into Daisy’s heart while alienating everyone else in Daisy’s life. To everyone’s horror, it isn’t long before the two announce their engagement. But when Tommy is murdered the day before the wedding, Jaine finds herself trying to figure out what really happened. Can she do it? Yes, there are some strong sub-plots as well. Jaine is back with an ex. Will the romance bloom this time? Or will Jaine’s cat, Prozac, derail everything. Meanwhile, in a series of e-mails, we learn about the latest saga her parents are going through. All I will tell you is it involves a bad haircut and a sculpting class. Those familiar with the series know what to expect, and they won’t be disappointed. Yes, the murder takes place a little late in the book, but the time isn’t wasted as everything is set up. Once Tommy dies, we are off to the races with plenty of twists and turns. Meanwhile, the two sub-plots weave in and out perfectly. There are tons of laughs along the way as all the stories build to their climaxes. The characters are more caricatures, but they fit this book perfectly. More realistic characters wouldn’t work here. Author Laura Levine used to write sitcoms, and that really is the best way to look at this book – as if your favorite sitcom characters were involved in a murder mystery. The result is light, fun, and delightful. So next time you need to smile, pick up this book.
MysteryluvrOK 8 months ago
Jaine is a busy gal - ghost writing a romance novel for a 60-something heiress, trying to reconcile with her ex-husband, solving a murder and trying to avoid being the next victim! I loved the book and it's witty dialogue. The emails from Jaine's parents are priceless! Never a dull moment for an Austen. The mystery kept me guessing and I was stumped until the last pages. Lance was his obnoxiously lovable self and it was a treat to see the new and improved Dickie. Plan for a long time to read because you won't want to put the book down! I received an ARC from NetGalley for a fair and honest review of this book.
TheCozyReview 10 months ago
Series: A Jaine Austin Mystery – Book 17 Author: Laura Levine Genre: Cozy Mystery/Animal/Pet Publisher: Kensington Books Page Count: 240 New from Kensington Books comes the 17th addition to the cozy mystery series “A Jaine Austin Mystery” by Laura Levine, Death of a Gigolo. I have to say right at the start, the basic story is interesting, and at times humorous. This applies to all of the books in this cozy mystery series. New readers and old will love the interaction between Jaine, her friends, and family. The “emails” between her and her parents are one of the best parts of this book and the series at large. Janie is always getting involved in murder cases and sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. Every suspect is hiding something, and in some cases, their secrets could be a motive for murder. Janie finds out that many of the key players are thieves, liars and worse. All of them with a motive to kill the victim who was not in the least likable. Technically, Janie uncovers the killer by accident. Unfortunately, I took issue with every suspect having some secret intention and no redeeming value. And the fact that Janie uncovered hidden motives, as well as crimes, and she doesn’t report any of it to the police or anyone else. Which is a bit too farfetched to be credible. Also, Janie falling for her ex knowing full well what type of sleazeball he is, and for which she has done nothing but complain about for 16 books, was so far off the mark as to be ridiculous. Then her being upset about him lying to her when throughout the book she is lying to him about the “diet” she supposedly is on to please him, is hypocritical. Add the childish fixation Janie has with food, junk food, in particular, makes it impossible to overlook the glaring problems with this story. The lack of any real police investigation just makes the entire book rather blah. Any cozy mystery series or book needs believable characters and motives, and this one just doesn’t have either. I wanted to like this cozy mystery book more than I actually did. Humor was present and the story was easy to read but, in the end,, I couldn’t wrap my head around all the issues that plagued Death of a Gigolo and still enjoy the book. I hope the next addition will be something new and will invigorate the series. Perhaps its time for Janie to grow up.
casey710 10 months ago
I really love this series! This author always sets up a great plot, adds witty dialog and keeps her characters interesting and fun. And this entry into the series does not disappoint. Fun, kept my interest all the way and loved the ending. Can’t wait for the next installment! Thank you NetGalley for the advanced reader copy for review.
iiiireader 10 months ago
This is a long-running mystery series about a would-be writer who has to scrounge writing jobs to make a living. In this entry in the series, Jaine has found a writing gig in a genre that is different that what she is used to. In addition to that, Jaine is getting back together with her ex-husband, much to the chagrin of her friends. The writing gig is to co-write a romance novel with a very rich woman. It turns out that co-writing is a stretch of the term as Jaine seems to be writing it on her own. In the midst of what has turned into a great job, a gigolo shows up and life turns upside down. The job isn’t so great anymore. When a murder happens, Jaine gets involved in solving it. There are a few more surprises up this writer’s sleeve and I was surprised by the ending and am looking forward to her next book.
the_judylwd 10 months ago
If you haven't read Laura Levine's Jaine Austen series, you are truly missing out. This series is absolutely one of the best cozy mystery series. I adore Jaine. She loves junk food (really any food), lives in elastic waist band pants and hates exercise. Her parents, thankfully, live across the country. She keeps updated on their lives via email. Her dad is a walking disaster & her mother does her best to keep him out of trouble. The emails are hysterical. And Prozac, her cat, steals the scenes. Prozac is not well behaved in the slightest. Death of a Gigolo is no different. Jaine is hired to ghostwrite a romance novel for Daisy, a rich elderly woman. In moves Tommy, a gigolo on the prey. When he ends up dead, Jaine has to investigate to keep Kate, a coworker who could be Jaine's sister from another mother, out of jail. While investigating, she is also in the middle of a romance with her reformed ex-husband Dickie, formerly known as The Blob. Laura Levine does not disappoint in this book. I laughed out loud in several parts. I get such a kick out of Prozac and her parents' emails. I also didn't guess who the murderer was until towards the end. If you want a cozy mystery that will make you laugh, I highly recommend the Jaine Austen mysteries. Thank you to Netgalley and Kensington for the ARC. All opinions expressed are my own.
jjthor 10 months ago
This is the 17 th book in the Jane Austin Series and still going strong. I really got a good laugh while reading this one. Poor jaine has terrible luck with romance. this time she thought she had finally found the right one with Tommy much to the horror of her friends and even her cat Prozac. then he is murdered and the race is on to find out who did it! A fast paced story and a quick read. Loved it.
MKF 10 months ago
Not everyone approves of Jaine getting back together with Dickie, her ex (including her BFF Lance, her cat Prozac, and her parents.). That said, no one MURDERS him the way someone murders Tommy, the younger, possible con man who has swept Daisy, a mature heiress off her feet. Jaime's been ghost writing a romance novel for Daisy, who has in fact been unlucky in love in the past. Tommy is the epitome of an opposite. Of course, Jaine's going to figure this one out. This doesn't plow any new ground with the plot but it's fun. I always enjoy the interaction with Prozac and the emails from Jaine's parents as much as I do the mystery. Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC. It might be 17th (!) in the series but it's fine as a standalone. Jaine fans will be happy with this one.
JavierFP 10 months ago
Jaine Austen is back! And this time around romance is in the air! She's reconnected with The Blob (much to her cat Prozac dismay) and she's been hired as a ghost writer by Daisy Kincaid, a millionaire heiress, to pen the next big steamy novel "Fifty shades of Turquoise". When Daisy falls under the spell of a much younger guy, everyone is in shock, and when he gets stabbed in the neck is time for Jaine to find who the killer is. Funny and fast paced murder mystery with several laugh out loud moments that make for a perfect beach read. The whodunit is deftly developed with a satisfying resolution that reminisces a short story by the Queen of Crime, Mrs. Agatha Christie.