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There’s one part of preschool graduation I don’t need drawings to help me remember clearly. We were sitting near the pool in Josie’s backyard. Mom tried to take a picture of Dad and me, but he insisted she be in…Read more

Corin wondered just how respectable her mother would find the new landlady in person, with her painted face and her artificial diamonds and her four ocelots. Well, what her mother didn’t know wasn’t going to hurt her. She herself was…Read more

I know something’s wrong the moment I pull up to the school and Charlie isn’t waiting for me by the curb. A few years ago, when we were living in Minnesota, Rusty’s tank sprang a leak. I had to walk…Read more

The Grace Year

The Grace Year

Kim Liggett

I follow her through the woods, a well-worn path I’ve seen a thousand times. Ferns, lady-slipper, and thistle, the mysterious red flowers dotting the path. Five petals, perfectly formed, like they were made just for us. One petal for the…Read more

While awaiting his turn, Orion watched a small boy he thought was named Sean from the thirteen-year-old class. He was left alone in the center of the field. After a few moments when nothing happened, the boy started to wander…Read more

Loki slipped unnoticed from the hall using the servants’ entrance he and Thor had discovered as children, hidden behind a tapestry of Valkyries extending their hands to the Asgardian warriors they were shepherding off the battlefield to Valhalla. Both the…Read more

Every day since my seventh birthday, that first shock of reality followed me into my apartment. Covered windows transformed the room into a black-and-white movie. The smells struck hard—cardboard and plastic, the tangy rubber of new sneakers. Throat-itching dust I…Read more

By shooting Ahmed, I compromised the secrecy of Athena, and I know that secrecy is the one thing we cannot survive without. To the outside world, Athena does not exist. We’re not some black-ops division of British Intelligence or a…Read more