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Grave Importance

Grave Importance

Vivian Shaw

It had been Ruthven who’d introduced her to several of her extremely helpful friends, some of whom were currently sitting around Greta’s conference table and drinking tea out of mismatched but cheerful mugs. Outside it continued to pour; two out…Read more

Maya Angelou said that when someone shows you who they are, you should believe them.  I heard that on an inspirational television show. It came on after Law & Order, and I didn’t change the channel.  When someone shows you…Read more

Ian Bishop was tall and lean, with broad shoulders that narrowed to a trim waist. He wore a charcoal three-piece suit with a pale blue shirt and matching tie. I’d never seen him in anything other than a suit or…Read more

All my life I had wanted to get out. I was unoriginal in this—all the Tasked felt the same. But, separate from them, separate from all of Lockless, I possessed the means.  I was a strange child. I talked before I…Read more

Hell was a series of hallways. An endless series of hallways, at least to a junior demon. They wound through passages Leto didn’t recognize, broad balconies, and whispering broom closets. They passed jagged stairs and alcoves with shadows like wounds,…Read more

On the doors of the war room are two of the four Xianese gods—one of the men, and one of the women. Sakura knows their names but she is not inclined to give them her attention at the moment. If…Read more

I stood inside a vast hangar, ceiling so high that it sometimes generated its own puffs of cloud and misty rain. The floor was pure Canadian shield bedrock, a piebald of red and gray veined with white, covered in a…Read more

Leickenbloom Manor had twenty-six rooms, but Florian only lived in two of them. His bedroom—on the second floor—and an adjacent library with a desk and two chairs. He took all of his meals at restaurants and kept the curtains drawn…Read more