Mysteries & Thrillers

Visitors joked that it was the kind of place people came to die. A town at the end of the world, at the end of the century: the absolute end of the line.  The population aging, sick and tired: the…Read more



Steven James

At my apartment, I found that the package from my brother had not yet arrived.  No word yet on Ethan’s condition.  I cleaned up—a shower and fresh clothes—but through it all, I still couldn’t relax or find respite from all…Read more

I lead a double life.  Some of my time is spent using the doctorate I earned: evaluating the mental health of injured, neglected, or traumatized children, making recommendations about parental custody, providing short-term treatment. My own childhood was often nightmarish…Read more

I did my best to hide my considerable surprise.  “Mrs. Barrington,” I said carefully, “I don’t know how I could possibly…”  “You investigated that murder business on the coast; theft should be quite a simple matter.”  So there it was.…Read more

It had been a good summer, with protracted spells of fine weather interspersing the colder, cloudier days of wind and rain. I had peddled my wares along the south coast of England as far as the town of Chichester before…Read more

There were snowdrifts at the curbs and snow-buried benches in the parks and snowcaps on the street signs and fire hydrants and on the newel posts for the subway entrances. There were four inches so far, and they were thinking…Read more