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Every Thanksgiving the same oven-roasted turkey is placed on the table year after year. Don’t get me wrong, I love that oven-roasted bird—especially the huge turkey sandwiches smothered with Duke’s Mayo that follow the night after Thanksgiving for lunch. I…Read more

When it comes to biscuits, there is an adage that goes, “When is a biscuit not a biscuit?” The answer has always been, “When you’re in England because a biscuit there is a cookie.” Though this is indeed true, there…Read more

Squash and sage is a classic autumnal combination, and I eat them together in virtually every meal as soon as the weather starts to turn chilly. This is one of my favorite uses for it: a tender frittata dotted with…Read more

This recipe will up your brunch goals in style with its golden, crispy, buttery edges, and perfectly custardy insides. It’s great for those times when you feel like eating something elaborate but you’re too lazy to give too much effort.…Read more

My good friend Andrew Kaplan (aka Kappy) was here and we celebrated his birthday. I made him Ultimate Italian Pulled Pork Sammies on ciabatta. We drank Clio, one of our fave wines, and we chatted about doing this book—My Year…Read more

I served these to Billy Joel when he was at Emeril’s New Orleans with his daughter Alexa. I had heard his song “Downeaster Alexa,” and when they both gave the dish the thumbs up, I told them that I was…Read more