Title: King James VI and I and the Reunion of Christendom, Author: W. B. Patterson
Title: AN ERA OF DARKNESS, Author: Shashi Tharoor
Title: The Irish Question: Two Centuries of Conflict / Edition 2, Author: Lawrence J. McCaffrey
Title: Dry Diplomacy: The United States, Great Britain, and Prohibition, Author: Lawrence Spinelli
Title: The Duke of Wellington and the British Army of Occupation in France, 1815-1818, Author: Thomas Dwight Veve
Title: Divided Against Zion: Anti-Zionist Opposition to the Creation of a Jewish State in Palestine, 1945-1948 / Edition 1, Author: Rory Miller
Title: Imperial Meridian: The British Empire and the World 1780-1830 / Edition 1, Author: C. A. Bayly
Title: The Politics and Security of the Gulf: Anglo-American Hegemony and the Shaping of a Region / Edition 1, Author: Jeffrey R. Macris
Title: Hungarian-British Diplomacy 1938-1941: The Attempt to Maintain Relations / Edition 1, Author: András D. Bán
Title: UK Communication Strategies for Afghanistan, 2001-2014 / Edition 1, Author: Thomas W. Cawkwell
Title: The Hanoverian Dimension in British History, 1714-1837, Author: Brendan Simms
Title: Parliament and Foreign Policy in the Eighteenth Century, Author: Jeremy Black
Title: Whitehall and the Suez Crisis / Edition 1, Author: Anthony Gorst
Title: British Military Intervention and the Struggle for Jordan: King Hussein, Nasser and the Middle East Crisis, 1955-1958 / Edition 1, Author: Stephen Blackwell
Title: Imperial Island: A History of Britain and Its Empire, 1660-1837 / Edition 1, Author: Paul Kléber Monod
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Title: The Political Economy of Grand Strategy / Edition 1, Author: Kevin Narizny
Title: Dawn Over Suez: The Rise of American Power in the Middle East, 1953-1957, Author: Steven Z. Freiberger
Title: Consensus Politics: From Atlee to Major / Edition 2, Author: Dennis Kavanagh
Title: War and Diplomacy / Edition 1, Author: Rzeshevsky
Title: The Atlantic Frontier of the Thirteen American Colonies and States: Essays in Eighteenth-Century Commercial and Social History / Edition 1, Author: Jacob M. Price

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