Title: Women, Education, and Agency, 1600-2000 / Edition 1, Author: Jean Spence
Title: Women, Education and the Self: A Foucauldian Perspective, Author: M. Tamboukou
Title: Girl's Schooling During The Progressive Era: From Female Scholar to Domesticated Citizen / Edition 1, Author: Karen Graves
Hardcover $171.00 $190.00 Current price is $171.00, Original price is $190.00.
Title: The Selected Papers of Jane Addams: Vol. 2: Venturing into Usefulness, Author: Jane Addams
Title: Women, the Book, and the Worldly: Selected Proceedings of the St Hilda's Conference, Oxford, Volume II, Author: Lesley Smith
Hardcover $115.50 $120.00 Current price is $115.50, Original price is $120.00.
Title: Women at Cambridge / Edition 2, Author: Rita McWilliams Tullberg
Paperback $47.65 $52.95 Current price is $47.65, Original price is $52.95.
Title: Educational and Vocational Books: Printed Writings 1641-1700: Series II, Part One, Volume 5 / Edition 1, Author: Frances Teague
Title: The Educational Work of Women's Organizations, 1890-1960, Author: A. Knupfer
Title: Students: A Gendered History / Edition 1, Author: Carol Dyhouse
Title: Clara Collet, 1860-1948: An Educated Working Woman / Edition 1, Author: Deborah Mcdonald
Title: Gender and Education in China: Gender Discourses and Women's Schooling in the Early Twentieth Century / Edition 1, Author: Paul J. Bailey
Title: Women in American Education, 1820-1955: The Female Force and Educational Reform, Author: June Edwards
Title: Rhetoric, History, and Women's Oratorical Education: American Women Learn to Speak / Edition 1, Author: David Gold
Title: Schooling the Daughters of Marianne: Textbooks and the Socialization of Girls in Modern French Primary Schools, Author: Linda L. Clark
Title: Women's Education in the United States, 1780-1840 / Edition 1, Author: M. Nash
Title: Art, Industry, and Women's Education in Philadelphia, Author: Nina D. Walls
Title: Women and the Shaping of the Nation's Young: Education and Public Doctrine in Britain 1750-1850 / Edition 1, Author: Mary Hilton
Title: Female Writers' Struggle for Rights and Education for Women in France- (1848-1871), Author: Joyce Dixon-Fyle
Title: Academic Kitchen, The: A Social History of Gender Stratification at the University of California, Berkeley / Edition 1, Author: Maresi Nerad
Title: The Science Education of American Girls: A Historical Perspective / Edition 1, Author: Kim Tolley

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