Title: Hearing the Other Side: Deliberative Versus Participatory Democracy, Author: Diana C. Mutz
Title: The Constitution of Society: Outline of the Theory of Structuration / Edition 1, Author: Anthony Giddens
Title: Contentious Politics / Edition 2, Author: Charles Tilly
Title: Wasted Lives: Modernity and Its Outcasts / Edition 1, Author: Zygmunt Bauman
Title: Praxis for the Poor: Piven and Cloward and the Future of Social Science in Social Welfare / Edition 1, Author: Sanford F. Schram
Title: The Sociology of Nationalism: Tomorrow's Ancestors / Edition 1, Author: David McCrone
Title: Political Change: A Collection of Essays / Edition 1, Author: David E. Apter
Title: Selected Political Writings: The Great Moving Right Show and Other Essays, Author: Stuart Hall
Title: A textual introduction to social and political theory / Edition 1, Author: Richard Bellamy
Title: Theory of Societal Constitutionalism: Foundations of a Non-Marxist Critical Theory, Author: David Sciulli
Title: Political Sociology: A Critical Introduction, Author: Keith Faulks
Title: Infinite Mobilization / Edition 1, Author: Peter Sloterdijk
Title: New Critical Writings in Political Sociology: Volume Three: Globalization and Contemporary Challenges to the Nation-State / Edition 1, Author: Alan Scott
Title: How Many Exceptionalisms?: Explorations in Comparative Macroanalysis, Author: Aristide Zolberg
Title: Partisan Families: The Social Logic of Bounded Partisanship in Germany and Britain / Edition 1, Author: Alan S. Zuckerman
Title: Nationalism and Political Identity, Author: Sandra Joireman
Paperback from $47.40 $60.95 Current price is $47.40, Original price is $60.95.
Title: What is Political Sociology? / Edition 1, Author: Elisabeth S. Clemens
Title: Contemporary Political Sociology: Globalization, Politics and Power / Edition 2, Author: Kate Nash
Paperback from $34.92 $63.50 Current price is $34.92, Original price is $63.50.
Title: The Power of Identity: Politics in a New Key / Edition 1, Author: Kenneth Hoover
Title: Log-Linear Models / Edition 1, Author: David Knoke

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