Title: Engineering Invention: Frank J. Sprague and the U.S. Electrical Industry, Author: Frederick Dalzell
Title: Memory Practices in the Sciences, Author: Geoffrey C. Bowker
Title: America as Second Creation: Technology and Narratives of New Beginnings, Author: David E. Nye
Title: Internet Publishing and Beyond: The Economics of Digital Information and Intellectual Property / Edition 1, Author: Brian Kahin JD
Title: Video: The Reflexive Medium, Author: Yvonne Spielmann
Title: Digital Ground: Architecture, Pervasive Computing, and Environmental Knowing, Author: Malcolm McCullough
Title: Simulation and Its Discontents, Author: Sherry Turkle
Title: Simulating Organizations: Computational Models of Institutions and Groups, Author: Michael Prietula
Paperback $9.40 $11.75 Current price is $9.40, Original price is $11.75.
Title: Youth, Identity, and Digital Media, Author: David Buckingham
Title: Me++: The Cyborg Self and the Networked City, Author: William J. Mitchell
Hardcover from $5.45 $7.75 Current price is $5.45, Original price is $7.75.
Title: Thinking about Android Epistemology / Edition 1, Author: Kenneth M. Ford
Title: Living and Learning with New Media: Summary of Findings from the Digital Youth Project, Author: Mizuko Ito
Title: Self-Trust and Reproductive Autonomy, Author: Carolyn McLeod
Title: Inventing Modern America: From the Microwave to the Mouse, Author: David E. Brown
Title: Digital Youth, Innovation, and the Unexpected, Author: Tara McPherson
Title: Complexity of Robot Motion Planning, Author: John F. Canny
Title: Acting in an Uncertain World: An Essay on Technical Democracy, Author: Michel Callon
Title: Beyond Barbie and Mortal Kombat: New Perspectives on Gender and Gaming, Author: Yasmin B. Kafai
Title: Mind and Mechanism, Author: Drew V. McDermott
Title: Longitude: The True Story of a Lone Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time, Author: Dava Sobel
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