Title: Reading Vergils Aeneid: An Interpretive Guide, Author: Christine G. Perkell
Title: What Has Athens to Do with Jerusalem?: Timaeus and Genesis in Counterpoint, Author: Jaroslav Pelikan
Hardcover $58.20 $60.00 Current price is $58.20, Original price is $60.00.
Title: Somewhere I Have Never Travelled: The Hero's Journey / Edition 1, Author: Thomas Van Nortwick
Title: Martial: Select Epigrams / Edition 1, Author: Martial
Title: The Odes of Horace: A Critical Study / Edition 1, Author: Steele Commager
Title: The Cambridge Companion to Lucretius, Author: Stuart Gillespie
Title: Der Horazkommentar des Porphyrio im Rahmen der kaiserzeitlichen Schul- und Bildungstradition / Edition 1, Author: Silke Diederich
Title: Martial: The Unexpected Classic, Author: J. P. Sullivan
Hardcover $111.60 $124.00 Current price is $111.60, Original price is $124.00.
Title: The Transvestite Achilles: Gender and Genre in Statius' Achilleid, Author: P. J. Heslin
Hardcover $111.60 $124.00 Current price is $111.60, Original price is $124.00.
Title: Catullus to Ovid: Reading Latin Love Elegy, Author: Guy Lee
Title: The Poetry of Pathos: Studies in Virgilian Epic / Edition 2, Author: Gian Biagio Conte
Title: Horace's Narrative Odes, Author: Michele Lowrie
Title: Georgic Modernity and British Romanticism: Poetry and the Mediation of History, Author: Kevis Goodman
Title: The Cambridge Companion to Horace, Author: Stephen Harrison
Hardcover $112.61 $117.00 Current price is $112.61, Original price is $117.00.
Title: Redeeming the Text: Latin Poetry and the Hermeneutics of Reception, Author: Charles Martindale
Title: Latin Verse Satire: An Anthology and Reader / Edition 1, Author: Paul Allen Miller
Title: An Introduction to Virgil's Aeneid / Edition 1, Author: W. A. Camps
Title: The Madness of Epic: Reading Insanity from Homer to Statius, Author: Debra Hershkowitz
Title: Catullus and His Renaissance Readers, Author: Julia Haig Gaisser
Title: The Arts of Love: Five Studies in the Discourse of Roman Love Elegy, Author: Duncan F. Kennedy

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