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Title: Health and Medicine on Display: International Expositions in the United States, 1876-1904, Author: Julie K. Brown
Title: Ethics, Sexual Orientation, and Choices about Children, Author: Timothy F. Murphy
Title: Making Medical Decisions for the Profoundly Mentally Disabled, Author: Norman L. Cantor
Title: Taking Action: Cognitive Neuroscience Perspectives on Intentional Acts, Author: Scott H. Johnson-Frey
Title: Neurodevelopmental Disorders / Edition 1, Author: Helen Tager-Flusberg
Title: Handbook of Functional Neuroimaging of Cognition / Edition 2, Author: Roberto Cabeza
Title: Genetic Twists of Fate, Author: Stanley Fields
Title: Fast Oscillations in Cortical Circuits / Edition 1, Author: Roger D. Traub
Title: Ethics and the Metaphysics of Medicine: Reflections on Health and Beneficence, Author: Kenneth A. Richman
Title: Bioethics in the Age of New Media, Author: Joanna Zylinska
Title: Genetics and Life Insurance: Medical Underwriting and Social Policy, Author: Mark A. Rothstein
Title: Chaos and Organization in Health Care, Author: Thomas H. Lee MD
Title: Toward Replacement Parts for the Brain: Implantable Biomimetic Electronics as Neural Prostheses, Author: Theodore Berger
Title: Status Epilepticus: Mechanisms and Management, Author: Claude Wasterlain
Title: Rethinking Homeostasis: Allostatic Regulation in Physiology and Pathophysiology, Author: Jay Schulkin