Title: Japan Rising: The Iwakura Embassy to the USA and Europe, Author: Kume Kunitake
Title: Mediterranean Anarchy, Interstate War, and the Rise of Rome / Edition 1, Author: Arthur M. Eckstein
Title: Civilization and Empire: China and Japan's Encounter with European International Society / Edition 1, Author: Shogo Suzuki
Title: The Irish Question: Two Centuries of Conflict / Edition 2, Author: Lawrence J. McCaffrey
Title: Peace Treaties and International Law in European History: From the Late Middle Ages to World War One, Author: Randall Lesaffer
Title: IMAGINING MIDDLE EAST, Author: Thierry Hentsch
Title: Russia and Europe: Building Bridges, Digging Trenches / Edition 1, Author: Kjell Engelbrekt
Title: Regional Cooperation and International Organizations: The Nordic Model in Transnational Alignment / Edition 1, Author: Norbert Götz
Title: Kinship Diplomacy in the Ancient World / Edition 1, Author: Christopher P. Jones
Title: The Rise of European Security Cooperation / Edition 1, Author: Seth G. Jones
Title: The Politics and Culture of Honour in Britain and Ireland, 1541-1641, Author: Brendan Kane
Title: Beyond the Huddled Masses: American Immigration and The Treaty of Versailles, Author: Kristofer Allerfeldt
Title: Contemporary European Foreign Policy / Edition 1, Author: Walter Carlsnaes
Title: England's Troubles: Seventeenth-Century English Political Instability in European Context, Author: Jonathan Scott
Title: America's New Allies: Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic in NATO / Edition 1, Author: Andrew A. Michta
Title: Poland, the United States, and the Stabilization of Europe, 1919-1933, Author: Neal Pease
Title: The American Union and the Problem of Neighborhood: The United States and the Collapse of the Spanish Empire, 1783-1829 / Edition 1, Author: James E. Lewis
Title: Fascist Ideology: Territory and Expansionism in Italy and Germany, 1922-1945 / Edition 1, Author: Aristotle Kallis
Title: Enemies from the East?: V. S. Soloviev on Paganism, Asian Civilizations, and Islam, Author: Vladimir Wozniuk
Title: Origins of the Cold War 1941-1949 / Edition 4, Author: Martin McCauley

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