Title: It Outsourcing: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications, Author: St Amant
Title: Knowledge Management: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and Applications, Author: Murray E. Jennex
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Title: Information Science / Edition 1, Author: David Nicholas
Title: Intelligent Information Technologies: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications, Author: Sugumaran
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Title: Business Law Monographs (38 Volume Set) / Edition 4, Author: Stephen F. Black
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Title: Computational Methods in Biophysics, Biomaterials, Biotechnology and Medical Systems: Algorithm Development, Mathematical Analysis and DiagnosticsVolume I: Algorithm TechniquesVolume II: Computational MethodsVolume III: Mathematical Analysis MethodsVolume / Edition 1, Author: Cornelius T. Leondes
Title: Computer Science and Communications Dictionary / Edition 1, Author: Martin Weik
Title: Handbook of Materials Modeling / Edition 1, Author: Sidney Yip
Title: Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management, Author: William H. Starbuck
Title: Encyclopedia of Artificial Intelligence, Author: Dopico
Title: International Handbook of Virtual Learning Environments / Edition 1, Author: Joel Weiss
Title: Multisensor Data Fusion and Target Tracking / Edition 1, Author: David Hall
Title: Information Science in Action: System Design (2 Volumes) / Edition 1, Author: A. De Bons
Title: Digital Speckle Pattern Interferometry and Related Techniques / Edition 1, Author: Pramod K. Rastogi
Title: Fuzzy Models and Algorithms for Pattern Recognition and Image Processing / Edition 1, Author: James C. Bezdek
Title: Optimization of Structural Systems and Industrial Applications: Computer Aided Optimum Design of Structures 91. / Edition 1, Author: S. Robert Hernandez
Title: Computer Aided Molecular Design: Theory and Practice, Author: Luke Achenie
Title: Software Architectures and Tools for Computer Aided Process Engineering / Edition 1, Author: Bertrand Braunschweig
Title: European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering - 12 / Edition 12, Author: J. Grievink
Title: The WTO, Intellectual Property, E-Commerce and the Internet, Author: Rohan Kariyawasam

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