Title: The Psychology of Intelligence Analysis, Author: Richard J. Heuer
Title: Visceral Perception: Understanding Internal Cognition / Edition 1, Author: Gyorgy Ádám
Title: Questions and Information Systems / Edition 1, Author: Thomas W. Lauer
Title: Cognitive Science (Vol. 2), Author: Noel Sheehy
Title: Looking for Information: A Survey of Research on Information Seeking, Needs, and Behavior / Edition 4, Author: Donald O. Case
Title: Perspectives on Fundamental Processes in Intellectual Functioning, Volume 1: A Survey of Research Approaches, Author: Sal Soraci
Title: Memory and Cognition in Its Social Context / Edition 1, Author: Thomas K. Srull
Title: Computation, Dynamics, and Cognition, Author: Marco Giunti
Title: Statistical and Process Models for Cognitive Neuroscience and Aging / Edition 1, Author: Michael J. Wenger
Title: Implicit Cognition / Edition 1, Author: Geoffrey Underwood
Title: The Provocation of the Senses in Contemporary Theatre / Edition 1, Author: Stephen Di Benedetto
Title: Cognition Within and Between Organizations / Edition 1, Author: James Meindl
Title: Cognitive Support for Learning: Imagining the Unknown, Author: IOS Press
Title: A Functional Theory of Cognition / Edition 1, Author: Norman H. Anderson
Title: Types of Thinking / Edition 1, Author: S. Ian Robertson
Title: Contributions To Information Integration Theory: Volume 2: Social / Edition 1, Author: Norman H. Anderson
Title: Reflection in Rewriting Logic: Metalogical Foundations and Metaprogramming Applications, Author: Manuel Clavel
Title: Cognitive Ecology / Edition 2, Author: Morton P. Friedman
Title: Piaget, Evolution, and Development / Edition 1, Author: Jonas Langer
Title: The Future of the Cognitive Revolution / Edition 1, Author: David Johnson

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