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Title: 'Managing' Stress: Emotion and Power at Work / Edition 1, Author: Tim Newton
Title: 'The Affairs of Others': Volume 30: The Diaries of Francis Place, 1825-1836, Author: James A. Jaffe
Title: 'What the Heck Are You Up To, Mr. President?': Jimmy Carter, America's 'Malaise,' and the Speech That Should Have Changed the Country, Author: Kevin Mattson
Title: 'Who Has the Youth, Has the Future': The Campaign to Save Young Workers in Imperial Germany, Author: Derek S. Linton
Title: (R)Evolution: Organizations and the Dynamics of the Environment / Edition 1, Author: Rob Dekkers PH.
Title: . . . And Communications for All: A Policy Agenda for a New Administration, Author: Amit M. Schejter
Title: 10 Powerful Ideas for Improving Patient Care, Book 3, Author: Maureen Bisognano
Title: 10 Strategies for Doubling Student Performance / Edition 1, Author: Allan R. Odden
Title: 10 Virtues of Outstanding Leaders: Leadership and Character / Edition 1, Author: Al Gini
Title: 100 Great Businesses and the Minds Behind Them: Use Their Secrets to Boost Your Business and Investment Success, Author: Emily Ross
Title: 100 Methods for Total Quality Management / Edition 1, Author: Gopal K Kanji
Title: 100 Training Games / Edition 1, Author: Gary Kroehnert
Title: 100 Writing Remedies: Practical Exercises for Technical Writing / Edition 1, Author: Edmond H. Weiss
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Title: 100 Years on the Road: The Traveling Salesman in American Culture / Edition 1, Author: Timothy B. Spears

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