Title: Architecture: Form, Space, & Order / Edition 4, Author: Francis D. K. Ching
Title: Building Construction Illustrated / Edition 6, Author: Francis D. K. Ching
Title: 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School, Author: Matthew Frederick
Title: The Timeless Way of Building, Author: Christopher Alexander
Title: A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction / Edition 1, Author: Christopher Alexander
Title: The High Cost of Free Parking: Updated Edition / Edition 1, Author: Donald Shoup
Title: A Theory of Justice: Revised Edition / Edition 2, Author: John Rawls
Title: Theme Park Design & The Art of Themed Entertainment, Author: David Younger
Title: Modern Architecture Since 1900 / Edition 3, Author: William J R Curtis
Title: The Fires of Vesuvius: Pompeii Lost and Found, Author: Mary Beard
Title: Complete Pompeii, Author: Joanne Berry
Title: Metropolis: Center and Symbol of Our Times / Edition 1, Author: Philip Kasinitz
Title: Investing in Apartment Buildings: Create a Reliable Stream of Income and Build Long-Term Wealth / Edition 1, Author: Matthew Martinez
Title: Architectural Graphic Standards / Edition 12, Author: American Institute of Architects
Title: Architectural Graphics / Edition 6, Author: Francis D. K. Ching
Title: Design Drawing / Edition 3, Author: Francis D. K. Ching
Title: The Gypsum Construction Handbook / Edition 7, Author: USG
Title: Reviving America's Forgotten Neighborhoods: An Investigation of Inner City Revitalization Efforts / Edition 1, Author: Elise M. Bright
Title: The Latest Illustrated Book of Development Definitions / Edition 1, Author: Carl G. Lindbloom
Title: The Art of Revitalization: Improving Conditions in Distressed Inner-City Neighborhoods / Edition 1, Author: Sean Zielenbach

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