Title: Broken Beauty, Author: Lizzy Ford
1 in Series
Title: Nipper, Author: Barnaby Taylor
Title: Our Frozen Wings, Author: Becky Wicks
Title: Lost Girl, Author: Chanda Hahn
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Title: Nightmares from the Graveyard, Author: John Clewarth
Title: Pepper and Longstreet ~ A Christmas Tale, Author: J.T. Lewis
Title: The Riddle (Children of Two Futures 1), Author: G. J. Winters
Title: Fields of Fire, Author: Hannah West
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Title: The Adventures of Marco and Carla: The Dark Castle, Author: Shamara S. Davis
Title: Footprints in the Snow, Author: J.R. McLemore
Title: Runes (A Runes Novel), Author: Ednah Walters
1 in Series
Title: Maple Creek: A Camp for Gifted Teenagers, Author: Jude Liebermann
Title: Saturday Night Adventure, Author: Darius Powell
Title: Bite Me!, Author: David J. Wighton
9 in Series
Title: Toward a Secret Sky Educator's Guide, Author: Heather Maclean
Title: Day of the Living Pizza, Author: Vickie Johnstone
1 in Series
Title: Xoe Meyers Trilogy (Books 1-3), Author: Sara C. Roethle
Title: Fairy Metal Thunder (Songs of Magic Series #1), Author: J. L. Bryan
Title: Hoist the Jolly Lucas, Author: David J. Wighton
4 in Series
Title: The Time in Need, Author: Ramon Rios

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