Title: Unexpected Hero, Author: Craig Goodwin
Title: What About Bob?, Author: Annie Jean Brewer
Title: Wishing Well and Other Strange Stories, Author: Lynne Roberts
Title: Everybody Has Those Thoughts So It Doesn't Mean You're Gay, Author: Cristian YoungMiller
Title: The Between: An Original Story in the World of The Ones, Author: Daniel Sweren-Becker
Title: Notice Me, Author: Lili Lam
Title: Passing Through the Portal, Author: Kelly Hashway
Title: The Bootlegger, Author: Wes Loder
Title: Make Way For the Flying Fox, Author: Jennifer Gisselbrecht Hyena
Title: The College Tour: The Introduction, Author: Jeanine Nicole
Title: You Are Mine (Mine #1), Author: Janeal Falor
Title: Epic Firsts Teen Sampler, Author: Sarah Crossan
Title: Perfect Picture, Author: Tony Compton
Title: 2016 Presidential Election 120 (Edicao em portugues), Author: I. D. Oro
Title: The Beautiful Ones, Author: Kody Boye
Title: Vampire Cheerleaders Must Die!, Author: Adam Arnold
Title: Provocative Reads: Exclusive Candlewick Press Sampler, Author: David Almond
Title: Veranderd (Boek #1 van De Vampierverslagen), Author: Morgan Rice
Title: Drone Wars: Issue 1 - Secrets and L.I.E.S., Author: William Hrdina
Title: The Mystery of Copper Ore Lodge, Author: Rowlen Delaware Vanderstone III

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