Title: A Touch of Gold Educator's Guide, Author: Annie Sullivan
Title: Purely Paranormal Press Presents, Author: Patti Larsen
Title: The Slug Inception, Author: Matthew Pelly
Title: Purple Flowers; Or, How To Get Your Best Friend To Forgive You, Author: G. Wulfing
Title: Not the Same Anymore, Author: Sarah Maloney
Title: Fallen from Grace: A Bonus Dark Mirror Short Story, Author: M. J. Putney
Title: Genius of Jinn: A Short Story, Author: Lori Goldstein
Title: Past Jumper (Future Jumper Series #1), Author: Jamie Heppner
Title: Dollhouse, Author: K. Weikel
Title: Jin In Time Part One, Author: Karin De Havin
Title: PitchDark: Even Darker Days of Winter Teen Sampler, Author: Various
Title: Redemption's Warrior, Author: Jennifer Morse
Title: Tokyo Academy-First Contact, Author: Karin De Havin
Title: A Day For Ghosts, Author: Britany Elizabeth
Title: Daire Meets Ever, Author: Alyson Noël
Title: Memory Thief Educator's Guide, Author: Lauren Mansy
Title: Chosen: A Children of the Gods Short Story, Author: Monica Millard
Title: #CincoDeMayo 110 (Edicao em portugues), Author: I. D. Oro
Title: Black Beauty, Author: Constance Burris
Title: Proximity, Author: M. A. George

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