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Title: The Secret of Witch Hazel, Author: James Comins
Title: Amazing Agent Luna, Volume 1, Author: Nunzio DeFilippis
Title: Between The Land And The Sea, Author: Derrolyn Anderson
Title: The Flute in the Hills, Author: Joseph McKee
Title: Children of the Night, Author: Zan Safra
#1 in Series
Title: Days Of St Croix, Author: Felicity Pepper
Title: A fada desencantada (série Um conto de uma fada - livro 2), Author: Valentina Linz
Title: Chained to Life, Author: A. Reese
Title: Vampire Descendants: A Mission of Incumbency, Author: Pet Torres
Title: The Conversion, Author: DK Andrews
Title: Fairy Metal Thunder (Songs of Magic Series #1), Author: J. L. Bryan
Title: Gewandelt (Band #1 Der Weg Der Vampire), Author: Morgan Rice
Title: Out There: Book One: Paradise, Author: David Gordon
Title: Shadowalker, Author: PorTroyal Smith
#1 in Series
Title: Wrath and Wing, Author: Megan O'russell
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Title: The Vault of Dreamers 1-5, Author: Caragh M. O'Brien
Title: The Bridge, Author: Joe Luegers
Title: A Bloom Of Ruins, Author: J.L. Sawyer
#1 in Series
Title: Angels, Vampires, and Zombies: Exclusive Candlewick Press Sampler, Author: Sean Beaudoin
Title: 1946 How Santa Got His Red Suit, Author: Doran Baker

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